Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Sláinte

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  1. Nicolas green with envy over those cute socks? Love 'em. Happy St. Paddy's Day to you and your family.

  2. Maybe not Nicolas the more I look at this. Damn iPhone. LOL

  3. Since it's wordless Wednesday, I'm miming "Eeew."

  4. Thom: They are a bit big for him. I'm just going to give him a shot and a beer.

    Ronda Laveen: You don't like my socks? I'm crushed. ;)

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  6. I <3 those socks!

    gel (my blog name stands for Green-Eyed Lady)

  7. Happy St Paddy's Day, Nessa! Did you know that Koreans (me) are known as the Irish of the Pacific?

  8. Yeah Nessa...that's what I figured after I made the initial comment LOL

  9. absolutely darling footwear my dear. May your Irish eyes be a smiling always.

    Penelope Anne

  10. Happy St. Pats day! Tip one back for me. I'll be drinking green milk.

  11. I love the socks! I was so busy editing yesterday that I missed St Pats day entirely, although I saw all sorts of greeness on the news.

  12. Cute socks! thanks for stopping by!

  13. O)k, those are some awesome socks!!

  14. THOSE are adOrable! I gotta get me some!

  15. They are very pretty, Nessa. I am betting that you didn't get pinched today.

    People tell me I have the wrong side up when my socks look like that. The floor grippers of hospital socks are in the design. :)

  16. I bet the socks are lucky, even though those shamrocks only have three leaves. Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  17. How cute are those socks!
    I love socks!

    Nessa, thank you so much for visiting me at Amanda's Blog of the Week. I truly appreciate your unconditional friendship.


  18. Secret Agent Woman: I like wacky socks.

    Brian Miller: Thanks.

    Anon: You spend way too much on shoes.

    Gel: Green eyes are lovely.

    Tracie: Conversation starters, too.

    5thsister: I got more.

    Gigihawaii: I did not know that. Your explaination was fascinating.

    Thom: You have a great figure.

    Penelope Anne: His are.

    Alice Audrey: I like milk too.

    Shelley Munro: My husband likes celebrate a week before and a week after, so you are still goood.

    Julia: I have some cute-er.

    Juliana: Thanks.

    Realliveman: Thank-you!!

    Susan: A must.

    Melli: Walmart ;)

    Mumsy: It was warmer yesterday.

    Kiki: Thanks.

    Jim: I like those floor gripper socks. Keep me from falling down.

    Weirsdo: I still look for 4 leaf clovers. Do you?

    Shakira: You deserve your BOTW award.