Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3 Word Thursday 13 – Blog Thingies

1. Anything that slows me down getting to your content - I have to do most of my blogging between other things. I rarely have a stretch of an hour or two where I can just visit blogs so many of my pet peeves have to do with the ease with which I can read a blog and comment. Don’t beat me with a cromack. These are just my opinions.

2. Automatic music – I keep my speakers off. My listening habits are very mood driven so I feel actual pain when a song pops up that is radically different than my mood. Plus, I have to be careful whose around when I’m blogging. Loud music is a dead give-a-way that I may not be wholly present when I should be.

3. Word verification – Takes extra time I don’t have and has nothing to do with my inclination towards accidie, plus I have a couple learning disabilities like dyslexia, that make it really hard for me to get the friggin’ things typed correctly. Not to mention my eyes are getting old.

4. Comment Moderation – This is where the blog host has to approve all comments before we can see them. I don’t understand this one. You have to see the comment to moderate it, so if it’s offensive the damage is already done. You can always delete a comment if for some reason you don’t like it or it is spam. Mostly, I just want to know why people do this.

5. Excessive sticky posts – Not sure if that’s what they are called but they are the permanent posts that make me have to scroll down too far to find the most current post.

6. The comment button at the top of the post and not at the bottom – Makes me have to scroll back up to comment. I finish reading at the bottom, so I should be able to comment at the bottom. Way too much exercise while sitting down.

7. The use of images or words not the blog author’s but the ownership is not clearly identified. – If a picture or a saying is not yours, you should clearly identify the source, even if it is copyright free.

8. Awards – These make me feel really bad. As Dr. John used to say, there are so many out there and they are given so freely they have no real meaning. Then I feel bad when I don’t post about them because someone has taken the time to think about me (and I really do appreciate that part.) I don’t like to tag forward. It’s like picking teams for dodge ball in fifth grade. All of the popular kids get picked first, regardless of whether or not they can play. Then there’s kid whose odd man out and I want to punch someone for making him feel bad. I know. I have issues. Oh and I hate the use of “issues” in this manner.

9. Meme’s – I have to admit, I dislike most of the meme’s that are the same old questions or that have more than say 5 questions especially if the questions are trite or where the questions take longer to read than any of the given answers. I do the meme’s I do so I can have some sort of focus and can produce at least one post a day. I am easily distracted without a plan. 

10. Responding to comments on my own blog – Comments started this whole thing. I like to respond to comments in my comment section but it is hard to respond to some comments that only say, “I like it.” Saying thank-you repeatedly is tedious. So then I stop. Then I tried the email route but if I respond that way I really want to respond in my comments for all to see but I don’t want to just pick and choose in my comments because then I feel like I’m slighting people kind enough to leave a comment. Someone help me.

11. Contests - If you are going to have a contest, I think it should be done one of three ways. 1. A random free-for-all where you put names in a hat and pick someone randomly. 2. The first person to do a, b and c is the winner. 3. Submissions via email, post the choices without names and let people vote for the best and not for whose most popular or who they least want to offend.

12. Link Back – I forget why I began doing the link back when I leave comments; most likely had to do with meme participation. I had planned to stop after a while. A couple people said they liked it; made it easier to follow back to me. Then it seemed to really annoy a certain person and so I have taken a perverse pleasure in continuing the practice. It may have run its course as I see many blogs have that little widget that does it for you now. If you have it in Blogger can you tell me where you got it?

13. Posts longer than 500 words, you know, like this one. I couldn’t think of a thing when I first started this list. And lo and behold, it came out to 13. I hope this post is not fissiparous to the blogging community.
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  1. It's a tough job going through all that stuff..I hate black backgrounds I can't read them well...remember I'm 63...

    Have a great week.

    Dorothy from grammology

  2. Yo go girl! I love the way you broke you own meme rules and covered my 3WT requirements all in one 13 Things post. When you multi-task, you multi-task!

    #8 -- me, too! I am glad I seem to be one of the popular kids now, but I know it is all caprice.

    #10 -- I keep "thank you" on copy & paste for meme commentors. ;)

    #11 -- yay! I have done contests all of those ways. I like Punny Monday. 1st right answer gets top spot, all winners are mentioned. Of course, so are all the losers ....

    #12 -- I don't mind your link backs. If you want the link back feature on your blog, it is called Comment Luv. You can Google it, but be forewarned, it only works for those who sign in, and it has so many bugs Andy is constantly updating it and you have to keep re-registering. The nuisance value got so great, Thom and I both removed it from our blogs.

  3. I have answers to a couple of questions you mentioned.

    Regarding #4, I don't use it but that's because most of the commenters at my site are mostly well-behaved mostly. It's not that I don't like cussing or triflingly mean comments, but I don't want regular readers or stray children to be unintentionally offended. For that reason, comment moderation makes sense and I just might turn it on one of these days.

    #12, it always makes me feel like I've been spammed by a friend, but no big deal.

    #13, I think that depends on how you interact with your readers. Quilly writes more than I can digest, but she breaks them down into separate posts and doesn't make me feel bad for skipping a few. My Saturday posts have gone from too long to totally not blogging anymore, but I try to be conspicuous about making clear that nobody needs to read or comment on anything to stay on my good side.

    What brings out the cruel and sarcastic subhuman that lives inside the ordinarily ever-so-gracious-and-cuddly me, are people who send you a reminder email when you miss one.

    My supreme rule for blogging (applied universally to myself) is that this is a hobby that creates and satisfies no obligations. As long as that's the spirit, it shouldn't matter how long a post is or how frequent. Tranquilo tranquilo.

    Oh, and to #3, sorry about that.

  4. sorry i stopped reading at 500 amen to most of these...i try to keep a pretty clean net sucks, so load time is a beast on cluttered pages...

  5. I think you put your finger on what makes me uncomfortable about awards. It means a lot that someone thought of tagging me for one, but I feel so awkward tagging some people but not others. Yet the generic "Everyone reading please take this award" seems meaningless, even thought it isn't on many people's part. I made a separate page titled "The kindness of friends" and put all my awards there so the people who gave them to me can see them, but I rarely mention them in a regular post or tag anyone else these days.

    I like memes but can be in danger of my whole blog just being memes, and I don't want that. A little bit promotes community, but too many take away depth, and I remind myself I didn't start a blog primarily to play memes, so I try to keep them in balance.

    I like this idea and will work on a post for the next day or two. Just reading yours and Quilly's so far, I think there will be some universal things probably on many lists, but other things that are unique to each individual.

  6. #2-automusic makes me jump out of my seat!

    #4-I use comment moderation because of spammed about Viagra, or sex, or drug 5+ times a day and sometimes I can't check in until late..I don't want it to sit there on my blog..They don't deserve the exposure.

  7. You just vented...and saved me the trouble. I agree with most of it. I like to follow and be followed. I don't think one has to follow to the extent of being "best friends" but an visit back every now and then doesn't hurt.
    By the way...I'm your newest follower.

  8. Dorothy: Black background with white letters are hard on the eyes. So are font colors that fade into the background.

    Quilly: That Comment Luv sounds like I will wait for the bug free versions. The Link Back was just something I was trying. It's actually tiring to keep doing. And you are popular because you connect which is a good reason to be popular.

    Doug: I'll be sure not to wake the sleeping giant. :)

    Brian: I like nice fast load times. Blogger suggested only keeping less than 5 posts current to keep load time down too.

    Barbara H: I have a tendency to have the scales swing too far one way and then have them go back the other. Sometimes there's no happy medium. I look forward to seeing your list.

    Mumsy: Your answer to comment moderation makes sense. I never thought of it like that - comments sitting there for all to see util you can get to them.

  9. I agree with most of these. I absolutely positively REFUSE to play the award game! PERIOD. And I won't even apologize for it again.

    I only put word verification into effect if SPAM becomes OUTRAGEOUS. And then I only use it for a week or two. That usually fixes it.

    Comment moderation - I have that one set for comments left after the post has been up for a week or two - because I don't go back to check once the post has dropped off the page. So if someone comments, I get notified. Usually they are spam and I reject them.

    Responding to comments is fun IF it's FUN - but it becomes work... and I don't have TIME! I honestly don't know how Quilly and Thom do it!

  10. Those word verfication things drive me nuts. I'm not keen on really big headers either because you have to scroll down. Music - definitely not!!

  11. I like what Doug said "My supreme rule for blogging (applied universally to myself) is that this is a hobby that creates and satisfies no obligations". I fully enjoy the variety in the blogosphere and am okay with everyone doing it the way the want to, but I do love reading all the opinions about it. I am small-time and always will be. If I start taking it too seriously it is time for me to stop. I always enjoy visiting you, Nessa.

  12. You totally read my mind! I hate looking around for the comment link and those word verifications are so hard! I use to accept awards and do more memes but they got so repetitious. I like to leave comments to comments in the comment section so that a possible dialogue could start and those just dropping in can catch up.

  13. PS I don't like black backgrounds, music and when people don't identify where something came from too.

  14. Hi there-
    Great job with our friend Quilly's 3 words. Thoughtful and well written post. (Luckily, she understands I can't do all the memes.) Many of your concerns are mine, too.
    I, too, wish "comment love" link would work for me, but my blog is at typepad and I haven't found out how to code it. -
    Also, I understand dyslexia and am so sorry for my readers that battle this that I have to use comment moderation. Otherwise, the spam is too much for me to handle due to my own disabilities. So, this is a special thanks for visiting me, Nessa! Now, I'm going to read more posts, because I'm catching up.

  15. Oh i just saw that Quilly does not recommend that comment luv thing. I respect her opinion about nuisance value, so I"m listening.

  16. I don't know why people do comment moderation. I don't like it when people have both comment moderation and word verification. Seems like overkill.

    As far as comments go, I only respond to questions. Instead I prefer to visit the person's blog and leave them a comment.

  17. Oh my gosh I loved it! So many of those I totally agree! I kept saying "me too" or just laughing while my husband looked at me like I was nuts! Sometimes it's just nice to see that the same bloggy thingies irk someone else too.

    I have trouble with commenting back too. Do I do it on my blog, their blog, not do it because maybe they aren't expecting a comment back. So tricky!

  18. If I know a blog has automatic music I make sure my speakers are off before I visit. I find it jarring even when I'm expecting it.

    Yeah, word verification's a pain. I think most people avoid it until the spammers move in. Once they do, unfortunately, you really don't have a lot of choice unless you want to spend half the day filtering them out of moderated comments.

  19. Great multitasking! I loved reading your points. Point no.10 is spoken of my heart and may be the most confusing part for me.

    I just turned off my word verification and will try to follow Melli's advice in case of spam.

    I'm with Mumsy about comment moderation. You also still can't completely remove a comment that already has been written on a Blogspot post and I think it leaves many ugly "removed by author or moderator" lines when facing spam.

  20. LOVED this one! I agree with you on most things, particularly the verification and the comment button on the top.
    I also hate when the blog is set up that way, that the comment windows *replace* the blog window, as that the blog disappears and all you are left with is the comment window. That is a stupid feature and should not be allowed to be chosen. As when i write comments, I like to be able to go back to the post I am commenting about.;) With pictures and everything, not just the option of a simplified text.
    Great post,

  21. I like how you worked your words into this.
    Sorry about word verification, but my biggest pet peeve about blogging is SPAM.
    Don't worry about responding to every comment! Some people (like me, often) don't go back and check for responses anyway. Just as there are some posts that are fine, but I don't have anything to say about them, there are some comments that don't require a response. That's my view, anyway, so I hope you don't feel slighted if I occasionally don't respond to yours.
    And in case I haven't been sufficiently clear, let me say that many of Hobbes' words lately bear a striking resemblance to GONE WITH THE WIND.
    Happy blogging.

  22. Being rather new, I think, to each its own. Please do not hate me. I hate passing them too when I received them and I spend too long doing nominations but again, I understand the goodwill in which it was given. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. Glad that we do not necessary see things in the same manners but that does not mean either of us is wrong. hugs,shakira

  23. OK, I posted my list -- it's way too long, but the more I worked with it, the more I kept adding!

    I forgot to mention the link to comments at the top rather than the bottom: that bugs me, too, because you're expecting it at the end and then have to go searching for it.

    I do agree with the "to each his or her own" to some extent, but I think if some bloggers realize how things come across to others, it might help the general community.

  24. My blog does the thing with the signature line so all I have to do is click your name and go to you, if you filled in the URL field correctly. Drives me nuts when people mess that up.

  25. what a great list several of the same things that i dislike thanks for all the great comments you leave on my blog

  26. Hi great list! I just wanted to answer your comment about moderation. I do it because although I have to look at it, no one else has to. I was harassed by a stalker once that left some really ugly comments about me and my family. I sure as heck didn't want anyone to see it, not even for a moment. I feel the same way about racist or bigoted comments.

  27. I share most of your moans. Now, I know my posts are longer than 500 words, but it's all short pieces, so you can pick and choose. Am I forgiven? ;-)

  28. Very interesting. I agree with you on many of the points you put forth.
    I am a casual blogger and I am learning after almost five years to take it easy.
    I try not to be rude and to be considerate.
    I often read a persons blog and don't comment...truthfully that makes me feel guilty :(...sooooo I am reading fewer blogs and leaving more comments. (Google Reader has helped a lot).
    If they don't visit me after a number of comments that I have made on their posts...I drop them like a hot potato...obviously they are not into me or my blog.
    When a person comments on my blog post, I immediately go to their blog and make a comment. Sometimes I will send them an e-mail TypePad makes that fairly easy to do so.
    But mostly I just rock along and don't let things worry me...I am into blogging for friendship, fun and me it is not a contest.

  29. Nessa, I loved reading all these comments as well as your post. What an interesting dialogue you started with your list. I wonder why no one has mentioned that the twitter box on your page blocks your text, as does the ad square below that. Does it only happen to me? I don't want to miss any of your post, but I can't find a way to reduce those objects so they fit only in the far-left column.

  30. oooooo
    I like this.
    I agree wholeheartedly on 1, 2, 5, and 6.
    My kids often leave my speakers on and I hate picking my office chair and myself up off the floor when I've been jolted by a blast of extrodinarily loud music.
    3 and 4 are not my favorite things but Ive seen too much spam and too much vitriol to deem them unnecessary. Sometimes trolls have surfaced and made certain blogs their targets. I know bloggers who've had to decide whether to moderate comments or allow their every comment section to become a soapbox for a hateful minority.
    8,9, and 11 are take 'em or leave 'em deals for me. They seem to be cyclic and thankfully I'm not being tagged or awarded lately. I've become far too lax a blogger for most of that stuff to occur.
    10 and 13 that is all about time for me, and so I tend to give others credit for it being the same. If I'm feeling wordy I assume most people are going to skip to the end and I reply to comments and check for replies from others only as time allows.

    My blogging mantra tends to be something along the lines of no obligation, no expectation.

  31. NESSA! I certainly agree with ALL 13...handling comments--I really think a short back-and-forth dialogue is ideal, but difficult unless there are only maybe four Peeps involved in the blog.

    I also do not like backgrounds which minimize visibility--I mean, why HAVE a blog--to be read--if Peeps cannot read it?

    I guess my BIGGEST rant is against ME! Why do I have to make such a big thing about all this, even "listing" these things, when I am blogging for myself first, and NOT bound by rules, unless I accept another's vision of what a "blog must be."

    LOVED your list, wish all this stuff did NOT bother me, but it DOES!


  32. I enjoyed reading your post today, because I agree with it. Since I am retired, I have loads of time to read people's blogs and comments. However, I don't always leave comments -- just read and leave, alas! This usually is for fiction blogging. I don't care for long fictitious pieces. But that's just me. Other people seem to enjoy them!

    Good post, Nessa!

  33. Good Afternoon:

    Regarding your post,
    I want to speak about comment moderation, my option is if someone has their first comment approved, then rest of the comments are open or free to show, however, the computer itself block a few comments from familiar friends atomically
    #1: the blogger has included a link or many links in the comment,
    #2: the blogger has links that are commercial,

    i have spam comments in my folder carrying many links, when I click on them, it is nude women or sexy women who have their breasts open in the air...

    Thus I am glad that it goes spam when people do that and for safety check.

    if a good friend give a comment somewhat negative, the computer will send it either to spam folder or on moderation...

    Good Luck!
    It is good to learn about your perspective!

  34. Love how you did your pet peeves with 3wt. I too am mood music dependent hmm wonder if it is a syndrome. As for the comments being posted at the top I can agree with that. Mine is not being able to find one at all or its names something obscure. Great use of the words.

  35. Great 13 Nessa! Comment moderation drives me nuts because so many who use it forget to add a notice saying the comment has been successfully received, it's like the comment just gets lost in space never to be seen again. I have a spam filter that I have to keep an eye on because it occasionally grabs a good comment, mostly it just grabs those random ad comments, much easier than having to moderate each comment personally. I use Comment Luv on my wordpress blog and know that it can be used on blogger but I haven't heard great things about the blogger version.

  36. covnitkepr1: While it is nice to get a comment on every post from everyone, every once in a while is good for me too just so i know you are around. I know it's not easy to always think of a comment.

    Melli: i need to stop apologizing for the awards thing myself. Guilt loves to dog me. After hearing everyone's opinions on comments moderation i understand why everyone does it. It's the word verification thing that hurts my brain but I can live with it.

    Shelley: If I can't get to your current post from Reader because of all of the sticky posts, I get very frustrated.

    Jeanie: Doug is a very wise puppy. i take most things too seriously. I'm rather full of myself. ;)

    Colleen: i find the comment link at the top especially frustrating. I feel like I have to work too hard to leave a comment.

    Gel: If come around on the comment moderation things. I can see where the spam would be a big issue. Most people use feeds and readers and others have mentioned the url links work just fine so I'm good at leaving it at that.

    Unknown Mami: I do find both spam blocking tools a bit overkill too but i can see why some people need them. I think i just need to relax on the comment issues. ;)

    Julia: That is the one thing I have the most trouble with. It is alot of work to respond to all of the comments people leave you. I guess my #1 idea is to make sure I visit the blog of everyone who leaves me a comment then whatever i have time for after that I'll do.

    Tattytiara: Yeah, i've come to understand and accept the need for word verification.

  37. Rosidah: I just have to rememebr to do my best with the comments and quit whiny about it. :)

    Protege: Is my comment window set up the way you said? I never even thought about that part.

    Weirsdo: i don't know why I feel I need to respond to every comment left me because I do not feel slighted when peopel don't comment to me on their blogs.

    Shakira: I know that you like to do the awards and it is sweet when you include me. I really do appreciate the thoughts behind them. i just don't want you to feel bad when i don't play along. We all like different things and i am ok with most of them.

    Actonbell: I respond to some comments ia email but mostly if i have something more personal to say. I like to give create as best I can to anyone who creates things whether it's images, words or ideas.

    Barbara H: Your post was great. You brought up other things i hadn't thought of. I really have no problem with longer posts if they are required to communicate. I think that is key. Regardless of why you are blogging I think the underling reason is communication so if we can do things to make communication (and understanding easier) we should try to do so.

    Alice: That messed me up on my WP blog. People would comment and if they were new I couldn't find them because their url was either missing or typed wrong.

    Shopannies: many of us do seem to have the same pet peeves.

  38. Irishcoda: I've come to realize many people have had your experience and I understand this point of view.

    Anthony: No forgiveness necessary. You do all of your wekly posts as one and i've had no problem adapting. By the end of the week I've read almost the whole thing most times.

    Mo'a: I like your attitude. I should learn to relax more. I really am not into blogging to rack up any sorts of huge numbers of hits or comments. I should try to remember that more.

    Enchanted Oak: No one has ever said anything. i hope no one else had the same problem and i am sorry you do. i will fix it. My laptop has a huge screen so everything is spread out. i will look at my blog from a couple small screens and see how it looks. thanks for saying something. I took the twitter box out already and changed some sizes in the layout. Hopefully it helped.

    Logophile: i don't need people to comment on my blog all of the time although it is nice. I am satisfied with a drop in on occasion. I just like to know i'm not always chasing others. I know people are busy and go through phases. I do.

    Steve E: That's really the thing isn't it. Remembering that we should do this for ourselves. And relax.

    Gigihawaii: We all like different things which is why the internet is so great.

    Jingle: Many people have said the same as you regarding the comment moderation and it seems to be a real problem for some so i understand more now.

  39. Ordinarily Just Me: That's another good point. When the comment button is so disguised taht I can't figure it is the comment button.

    Calico Crazy: because Blogger is often finicky about accepting comments and saving them, that message would be very helpful.

  40. you know, while reading your list i found myself nodding in agreement at almost all of the points. and i love how you incorporated 3WT words so smoothly :)

    some things depend on the amount of my spare time, like replying to comments (i have never had a vast audience on the blog you know but i'm not interested in attracting masses so here it's not really so much of an issue.. oops, sorry ;)) or reading exceedingly long posts - which i am more likely to grind through if they are interesting and well written.

    music and too many widgets are a no-no for me, too, but i've been lucky to not have many spammers although they do annoy me, be it machines or people without manners

  41. I am not a fan of automatic music as well. I find it to be very jarring.
    I don't mind comment moderation or word verification. What annoys me is when people use different commenting systems that require me to register, login and create a password. And then I am supposed to remember it next time I want to leave a comment.
    I took off word verification during the last readathon and I got so many spam comments on current and really old posts. It was quite annoying to have to find the old post and delete the spam so I turned it back on.
    I'm sorry if my background hurts your eyes when you come visit. I am actually a fan of the black background, but that may be because I have an eye condition that renders my eyes photophobic and the bright white screen really hurts my eyes. I have to squint or look away and sometimes I wear sunglasses. Sounds ridiculous I know. ;)
    So in light of this new knowledge I would like to say thanks for visiting and commenting and putting up with my background. :)

  42. Word verification tops my list of pet peeves. They are very difficult for me to read and I frequently have to retry. I follow the baseball policy - three strikes and I'm outta there!

    My TT: Totally Obsessed

  43. I like this, and I like your honesty because I feel the same way! Thank you for saying all of this. Often I like to visit blogs because I know they are enriching. And I like to say so just to say so. I don't need a comment back and I am not out for anything, but I want to say thanks in a few words. Sometimes the effects of certain blogs goes beyond words, but I can't say all of it at once, so "thanks" has to suffice. I think the main thing about blogging is to give our best and let it be.

  44. Oh my gosh I wish I had written this post! Spot on perfect!
    The Testimony

  45. This is a great list! I agree with so many of these (especially the one where the comment button is at the top of the post instead of the bottom--so annoying!)

    On comment moderation-I have that not so much for spam comments (I hardly ever get one of those) but because I write about sexual abuse survivor issues, I want to always be vigilant that I don't get an inappropriate comment or one that could be a trigger to a survivor or could be hurtful (I don't get one of these every week or anything, but it does happen, and it would break my heart for one of those to be public and for people to read it when I'm not aware it is there to take it down.) If I didn't have that as an issue, I probably wouldn't have the moderation on.

    I am going through the same "issue" you are about the comment reply situation. I go back and forth between responding in the comments, responding at their blog, and responding through email. I just can't decide which is best....but I think I prefer to get an email response, so from that standpoint right now I am going with the emails for everyone...that could change at any moment!

  46. I though this was suppose to be done today?

    4. Comment moderation is usually used to stop BOTs from posting ads you don't want. BOTs take advantage of blogs that let anybody post without limits.

    5. The comment button ends up where the person who created the template wants it. Users usually don't have any control over it unless it's coded into the template.

    10. A simple "thank you" usually will suffice.

    13. Long posts drive me batty too. If you can't say what you have to say in 100 words or less (unless it's a story) then I'm skimming.


  47. Nice post! And few things are ever 'fissiparous' if said well.

    I often go over 500 words, and I get constantly reminded of that by my wife.

    But I am a very fast reader and it really doesn't feel like much to me.

  48. You have SO MANY comments on this post that I'm not going to read all of them. Someone may have already addressed what I'm going to share. Forgive me if I am being repetitive.

    I have comment moderation because someone literally left pornographic material in my comments. A whole long story that included ALL of IT in the nastiest manner they could manage with mere words. I was out of town at the time and if a blogger friend hadn't had my phone number, I wouldn't have known it was there before others read it (I wasn't checking my blog often while I was away). Needless to say, I died a little inside.

    For the same reason, I had to stop allowing anonymous comments. For some reason, I was targeted by scum and kooks there for a while.

    I'm so glad you visit me anyway. We all blog differently but for the most part, I agreed with most of the things you stated.

  49. I agree with all of these. I have turned on comment moderation twice, briefly, when I was being plagued by a nasty troll who was leaving mean and perverse comments. As soon as he disappeared, I turned it back off. Otherwise, I can't see why you'd use it.

    I do memes on occasion but only when there re only a handful of questions and I never tag.

    The only thing I do differently is answer comments. Because I like to, and I like the interactive feeling.

  50. I so agree!
    Great list.

    Have a great Saturday!