Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Year of Questions

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Where do butterflies go when Wind blusters and Snow flurries?
 How does Love see its Shadow?
  Who crowns Mother, reaching for Life?
   What is at the center of a Cackleberry?
    Why do Blossoms tickle your Sweet Spot?
     When was the last time you swam like Aquaman?
     When Sparklers burst and dance, do you say, “Ah”?
    Why is Sirius such a sweaty, oppressive tyrant?
   What falls in Harvest hues from the sky?
  Who is Boo, Cackle and friend Jack?
 How grateful can Tom really be?
Where does your little Starlight pay worship to the garish Sun?

~ Inspired by Calendar of Metaphor: Poetry Prompts at Poets&Writers 12.29.15