Friday, January 25, 2013

Flash 55 - emit yna gnippots on

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I know what the sign said but I couldn’t help myself;
with plaintive notes surfing on the drafts of air
surging through the city canyons,
I stood back,
wondering at our similarities of appearance and
stance, the both of us forever together:
I think he’ll remember me as
well as the notes of his
Are you playing in the CONTEST - drink the wild wind ?
Here's a clue to help you:
The whole moves forward while the parts move backwards.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

CONTEST - drink the wild wind

*** see edits and updates at the end of the post as they occur ***
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"Cornered" (c) vanessa v kilmer 20120120
acrylic paint on my desk
"Cornered" (c) vanessa v kilmer 20120120
The border around the dragon's space is made up of runic stones I created. If you are the first to EMAIL [vanessavkilmer at gmail dot com] me with the deciphered saying encrypted here, you will win the dragon egg pictured at the end of this post.
Each picture shows the sequence of the stones. Each picture is not neccessarily a seperate word.
The saying is in English. Each stone represents 1 letter. No more hints for now.
Be the first to
EMAIL [vanessavkilmer at gmail dot com]
me with the deciphered saying
to win this dragon egg.
20130120 16:09 - BRIAN MILLER asks each is a seperate letter as well? no multiple pics for the same letter?
ANSWER ~ Each symbol is unique to a particular letter. The pictograms are a second way of writing of representing letters  for a different reason.

Friday, January 18, 2013

flash 55 - come on, i'm worth it

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dragon design for part of the "Cornered" project (c) vanessa v kilmer 20130117

it’s not too much to ask for a patron of the arts
to cater to my every need and want; 
perhaps the fates could grant my wish
and let me hit it big at the lottery; 
i could become a drunken writer
and spend my minutes, hours, days, 
pouring over this locution or that lexeme

Monday, January 07, 2013

Step Two

I now know what Cornered will be but you will have to wait and see.

Cornered ~ The tools for this step - paper plate, sea sponge and acrylic paints.

Cornered ~ From the left side.

Cornered ~ From the right side.

Step Two of Star Fish involved, painters' tape, a sponge brush, a 2" painters' brush, acrylic paints and glitter glue paint.

Star Fish ~ from 5 feet away.

Star Fish ~ close up.

I need to bring my camera up. Phone cameras are convenient but the pictures aren't very hot.

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Step One

Step One - Figure out why blogger is not letting you upload pictures from your computer ... the solution required logging out of everything and starting over. I guess it was confused.

Step one begins by getting paint all over your clothes, hands and the junk you haven't put away because you are too busy starting something new. Ah, the distracted mind...

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Step One - Star Fish

This is a 3 foot circle-ish spot on the slanted roof located around 1 o'clock from where I sit at my desk. It is entitled Star Fish. Here you see 2 coats of Kilz 2 Latex, sealer-primer-stainblocker. Exciting, huh? I have this planned out in my head, so it should progress fairly quickly as long as I don't lose interest.

Step One - Cornered

Here you see the bottom right corner of the top of my desk. It measures about 18" x 12". Again, the Kilz. I don't know what I'm putting here - the location and lack of subject matter have lead me to title it Cornered. 

If we're lucky, you might see me do something with these spots.