Friday, November 29, 2013

Flash 55 - let xmas begin

we’re always in such a hurry
running here and there
don’t stop to smell the turkey
quick, fast, make haste, scurry

so let’s make it an official rule
do only one holiday at a time
pause, savor, appreciate
our time before the yule

but now that thanksgiving is done
we can enjoy our Christmas fun

Friday, November 22, 2013

Flash 55 - Trees

~ the trees below Hogwarts Castle ~

I think that for little old me
there’s nothing better than a tree:
it cools me off for free
when the temp is a hundred and three
which fills me with glee;
it can hide you when you need to pee
which none of us want to see
as I’m sure you will all agree.

I like trees. Do you like trees? Trees do wonderful things. 

They clean up the air, among other things, 
like they give us shade, 
perform the duty of a natural umbrella and 
provide monkey bars for squirrels.

According to some research, 
this blog contributes to 8 pounds of CO2 emissions per year 
but one tree can obsorb 11 pounds per year. 
Good deal. 
You can read all about it at GREEN GESTURES
If you have a blog and post about this, 
they'll plant a tree in your blog's honor. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Book Shelf - Self Analysis

Like 20 years ago, I read L. Ron Hubbard's science-fiction series Mission Earth. The books were sarcastic, wack-o and totally bizarre. Then, I heard this writer made up his own religion and people bought into it, so I had to know more. 

I read Dianetics. You NEED someone else to get you to clear. Um, no, thanks. I had no intentions of letting cult auditors get their hands on me. And lo and behold, Self Analysis showed up. Of course, you can't get perfection on your own, but you can get close. 

I still have this book on my shelf because it's great for prompts. There are pages of lists of things to think about in various ways.