Friday, November 22, 2013

Flash 55 - Trees

~ the trees below Hogwarts Castle ~

I think that for little old me
there’s nothing better than a tree:
it cools me off for free
when the temp is a hundred and three
which fills me with glee;
it can hide you when you need to pee
which none of us want to see
as I’m sure you will all agree.

I like trees. Do you like trees? Trees do wonderful things. 

They clean up the air, among other things, 
like they give us shade, 
perform the duty of a natural umbrella and 
provide monkey bars for squirrels.

According to some research, 
this blog contributes to 8 pounds of CO2 emissions per year 
but one tree can obsorb 11 pounds per year. 
Good deal. 
You can read all about it at GREEN GESTURES
If you have a blog and post about this, 
they'll plant a tree in your blog's honor. 


  1. I once ended up having to leave work in a hurry, as I had contracted food poisoning. As I was driving home, it was either defile the car or a tree that I saw on a dirt road on a hill. Sorry tree!

    1. Trees are very understanding folks. They just turn the other leaf and move on.

  2. if we plant a tree each year, we can keep our blog...hey i can do that...smiles...i like trees...

    1. And you can use your hairdryer every once in a while with the extra.

  3. ....and they come in such a wonderful variety of shapes and sizes.

  4. I do love trees. I really want to plant more in my back forty, but I need to get some fencing up to keep the goats from eating them.

  5. I'm a tree hugger all the way, and they often hug me back in all the ways you describe. Lots of fun in 55.

  6. LOL. A good grin for Friday mornin' ~

  7. Hahaha - I love trees! Even more now!

  8. Vanessa....
    Never assume what I'd like to see
    It would give me a THRILL to C..U..P....:-)
    Loved your Joyce Kilmerian 55
    You Rock the World, and that ain't no jive!
    Thanks and Happiness to you I send
    Lady V, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Your 55 made me smile ~ A blog for a tree, sure why not ~ Thanks ~

  10. We definitely depend on trees!! And they definitely deserve our appreciation!

  11. Cute 55, lol. And yes, there's nothing better than a tree.

  12. lol - there are plenty of trees who know secrets... :)

  13. Yep, none of us need to see anyone pee. ;)

    I love trees. I always feel better with a few around me.

  14. How fun but what a vital message- hug those trees!