Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Book Shelf - Self Analysis

Like 20 years ago, I read L. Ron Hubbard's science-fiction series Mission Earth. The books were sarcastic, wack-o and totally bizarre. Then, I heard this writer made up his own religion and people bought into it, so I had to know more. 

I read Dianetics. You NEED someone else to get you to clear. Um, no, thanks. I had no intentions of letting cult auditors get their hands on me. And lo and behold, Self Analysis showed up. Of course, you can't get perfection on your own, but you can get close. 

I still have this book on my shelf because it's great for prompts. There are pages of lists of things to think about in various ways. 


  1. how interesting! but what did you mean by "You NEED someone else to get you to clear." Maybe I should just google it haha

    Thanks for posting this. i love researching such quirky topics :D

  2. ha that is pretty cool....the prompt idea at least....might have to look for a copy at the used bookstore...

  3. I think that kind of self-analysis would drive you as barmy as the author.:)

  4. "AAAh, diuretics . . . the science of matter over mind". I usta say when encountering Mr. Hubbard's stuff.
    He was truly swimming in the deep end..

  5. That's a good example how even when someone is completely delusional, he/she might still have something to say that can be useful to you.

  6. I like how you found a way to make it work for you, Vanessa. Fuel for creativity comes from the strangest places. :)