Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ode to the Girl in Red Shoes

I used to wear red pumps
      with a spring in my step
       a sass in my ass
       an attitude in my speech
       that lit up my eyes
             (where do you think the laugh lines come from?)

I wore the shit out of those red pumps
      foot stuck in mouth
      words over my lips
      before I could close them
      reflecting shocked looks
             (was it really so different from what you thought?)

I miss my red pumps
      walking in virgin snow
      speaking of truth
      sharing experiences
      envisioning the future
            (are they in the back of my closet?)

I loved those red pumps
      raised up at the heel
      lifted up in spirit
      bubbled up giggles
      stared up at the stars
            (is it possible they still fit?)

I remember that girl with the red pumps
      although I limp a bit now
      she lives in me still
      the bite of my words
      helping me see
(have I come too far from her?)

Writing prompt from Poets&Writers' E-newsletter

Thursday, March 01, 2012