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Spells, crafts, recipes, designs, updates, and tips for living in the past, all related to my books and stories, plus some personal updates.

And chances to win stuff I make, like watercolor postcards, in random drawings.


  1. I will need to start a newsletter in the near future and hope to gain tips from you!

    1. I've been getting newsletters from other people for a while now and have decided on some things to do based on what I did and didn't like from them:
      only 1 a month
      less than 500 words
      1 or 2 bright images
      no more than 1 link placed at the end
      something simple and easy that people can do
      a little history related to my fictional worlds

      Thinking about this now helped me codify what I want. :-)

  2. Okay,where's the pic?! Is this all a ruse?! Lol

  3. How can I get to read this story?

    1. It's one of those special invisible ones. You need lemon juice.

  4. Well, sh*t. I washed my PC screen with lemon juice, and now it's all fu*ked up.