Saturday, March 20, 2010

1st Day of Spring!

yellow bright sunshine
calling up flowers to dance
smile giggle rejoice
0 - green butterfly
The best website for given names:
0 - green butterflytales on tuesday  I have been looking for a Meme to do on Tuesdays. Not being able to find one I like, I made one up. I call it "Tales on Tuesday."
The idea is to tell a short, short (500 words or less) story based on the week's theme. To provide us inspiration, each theme will be the title of a TV show.

Your story does not have to have anything in common with the TV show.

If you want to play, the theme for Tuesday, March 23, 2010, will be "Lost In Space." 
The theme for Tuesday, March 30, 2010, will be "Dark Shadows."

If you would like to suggest a theme, mention it when you comment.
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  1. Oh! I am looking forward to your new meme, but you know me. I will need a reminder!

    Lovely Daffodil.

    Happy first day of Spring.

  2. Spring has (((((sproingggged))))!

    Loved your little ditty. Rejoice is RIGHT!

  3. Spring has (((((sproingggged))))!

    Loved your little ditty. Rejoice is RIGHT!

  4. You are SO SMART. You new meme sounds really interesting but I am not good in writing stories and writing Haikus worth 500 words will kill me.... but again, I might just join, as I HEART you!

    Remind me on Monday please?

    Happy Saturday!



  5. Happy Spring! Lovely little piece. It was just enough to give me a taste for the season. :)

  6. Quilly: I will be reminding us all - especially myself.

    Ronda Laveen: I was so looking forward to today and no I'm sick. I went all Winter healthy but I have finally secombed to all of the pestulant people around me. Do I sound bitter? ;)

    Shakira: Doesn't have to be 500, just less than 500. I'm am trying to figure out how to play your meme. I love hearing jokes and I'm a great laugher but I'm not a very good joke teller.

    Susan: It is beautiful here. I have the windows open already. I hope your day is as lovely.

  7. That sounds like a nice meme, as memes go. Looking forward to it.

  8. I LOVE that flower - and I just looked out my side window to see that 3 of mine have opened this morning! Must mean the rest will be close behind!

    I also LOVE that haiku - and that font made it EXTRA fun! :)

  9. I love the photo....but don't know if I can ever accomplish a tale of 500 words. I do know tho, I'll be checking it out and see what everyone shares!!

    Have a great weekend.

  10. you are such angel,
    loved the messages left in my blog,
    nice to meet,
    spring like blogger!
    beautiful post!

  11. What a beautiful way to welcome spring!! Your meme sounds fun, my only problem is being on three teams to oversee three separate memes generally takes up more time than I have, but I'll be checking it out and will join whenever I can!! Hope you have a great weekend, Nessa!


  12. Anonymous: I do not know Elizabeth and James so I can not help you.

    Doug: I think you may be fibbing a bit.

    Melli: The daffodils are as bright as the sun.

    Hootin' Anni: Visiting is as important as playing.

    Jingle: You are so very sweet.

    Sylvia K: You are a busy memer.

  13. Ahhh, what a wonderful spring image! It has sprung here, but so far I only have the grass greening up. I expect some flower growth by next week though. We have a massive clean up to do in our gardens to get ready for BBQ season!

    Can't wait!

  14. Sound like a fun meme, Nessa..I will be thinking about this all weekend.

  15. I'm already doing both Teaser Tuesday and Talk To Me Tuesday. But I'll be glad to see what you come up with each week, and might at some point join in.

  16. Happy spring to you dear friend.;)

  17. I think daffodils are my favorite flowers. When we lived in London we used to go to Grosvner Park and steal a few to have in our room. A policeman nearly caught us one day. After that I started to buy them in the market.

  18. intersting...will check out your new meme...

    spring is nice...ah....

  19. Beautiful picture. Here's my suggestion: Golden Girls

  20. i love daffodils... they are so... springy :)

    great idea for the meme but i'm not sure i'm up to it...

  21. I have a soft corner for daffodils. They harbor sweet memories. The sweetest memories.

  22. You and I were of one mind with this post for the first day of Spring.

  23. Great Daffy Nessa, good luck with the meme I help get the word out!

  24. Your daffodil shot is gorgeous. Very nice, indeed. Happy spring.

  25. Jenn@: Lots of cleanup everywhere and more to cme with the snow and rain across the country again.

    Mumsy: Cool.

    Alice: I want to practice short stories.

    Anonymous: Thank-yu.

    Protege: And to you, too.

    Shelley: But the pilfering was much more exciting than the purchasing.

    Brian: a long held breath.

    Juliana: It's Spring. No pressure.

    Mojo: Memories. Intriging.

    Secret Agent Woman: A wonderful concurrence.

    Moorebloglife: Springtime silly.

    Julia: Me too!

  26. Sandy: Thank-you. I am giddy with Spring.

    Realiveman: Yes, thank God.