Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tales on Tuesday - Lost In Space

tales on tuesday
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Lost In Space

“The video camera will document my last moments with you. A souvenir for my twilight years.

“I look fine in my silk suit. I don’t need the mirror to tell me what I know to be true. Men and women watch me walk down the street, mouths open in awe and admiration.  

"I had my hair trimmed this morning before going into the office. I got my nails polished just after lunch. I stopped on the way home to have a shine put on my designer boots. 

“No sense in having false humility. I see you agree with me, dear wife. Your silence confirms your adoration.

“I am pleased you followed my instructions today. You are wearing the blue dress I laid out for you. You put on the earrings I gave you on our anniversary. I can see the pills I left you in place of your vitamins did not cause you any pain.

“If you had not decided to become pregnant against my express wishes, we could have gone on in perfect marital bliss. I never lied to you. I said I did not want a child. I told you a baby would be the death of you.

“Now, the world will know how I suffered. They will know I gave you everything. They will know my generosity.  They will know my forbearance.  They will know my great patience. They will know I could not have tried any harder or done more.

“When they find you tomorrow after I am gone, they will understand why I could not allow your charade to continue. They will understand that I could not allow you to humiliate me. They will understand I could not allow you to bring me down to your level.

“I booked a first class seat to paradise. Not the same paradise to which you are venturing, of course. My time has not yet come for that ultimate perfection. Fiji’s clear waters await me. Relax, reinvent, reappear.

“I see my dazzling smile in the silver tray. The crystal shines. Not one fingerprint or smudge. I thank you for decanting my favorite wine. Did you get it right this time?


“It tastes like you left it to breathe too long, as usual.

“Oh, well, I salute your effort even though it is a bit too late to make things up to me.

“Santé…hmmm…too late for your health.

“I toast your choice of husband. Yes, I like that.

“To me.”

~ ~ ~

“I’m done with the pictures, Detective.”

“Turn off the video camera, Officer. Bag and mark it as evidence. Then tell the coroner he will need to bring two gurneys.”
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The prompt for next Tuesday, March 30, 2010 is “Dark Shadows.”

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  1. Beautiful, but eerily told, Nessa. Sheesh, the guy's a whack job. (shudder).

  2. I hate to say this but some guys do act like having a baby is the end of their world. He is just to egotistical & his wife should've kicked him in the butt! This sound like a real story...Snapped on lifetime!

    Thank you for stopping by and writing such nice things. I really appreciate it so much.

  3. wow, excellent! i guess he got what he deserved... they both did.

  4. OMG she got even with him. I loved it. Who would have thought. That's a little bit more than a hair of the dog that bit ya LOL :) Well done Nessa :)

  5. I really enjoyed this and convergence of time. This was truly excellent, so haunting through and through.

  6. wonderfully told and amazingly haunting...

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  8. Oh Nessa, that's just wonderful! I was on edge for a while with it..

  9. Well done! By the time we get to the end of the husband's twisted monologue, I'm ready to see him poisoned.

  10. you have a way of seizing readers with their breath held,
    beautiful tale!
    Happy Tuesday!

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    I posted the solution to the math puzzle,
    hope that you got it at the first place!
    take good care!

  12. Nessa, I can never spin a tale like you do but here is my attempt.. I really like yours though... EXCELLENT. Like a movie!

    Happy Tuesday!


    Alice is lost in Space

  13. Ah! The wine was poisoned? clever.

  14. Excellent! Betrayal and revenge -- these two were a perfect match in life, and in death.

    My Tuesday Tale

  15. This already seems like "dark shadows"!

  16. Two gurneys? I had to ponder that one for a second. And then I smiled. What wonderful revenge. A great tale, Nessa. Thanks so much for getting this meme started.

    Here's Mine.

  17. Hi Nessa..you are such a fabulous and creative soul..wondrous..keep creating your magic!

  18. Lots of character depth in few words. Haunting. I really enjoyed reading this.

  19. Wow, scary couple! So they were actually two minds alike. I wonder, if they sensed that they were the perfect match. Have a great day, Nessa :)

  20. What about "All in the Family"?

  21. Ew. Disturbing. Very disturbing.