Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking for Leprechaun Gold?

Leprechaun counting his gold coins - engraving c 1900
Leprechauns got all of their gold by uncovering hordes from long over wars.
Gold's chemical element symbol is Au which is from the Latin word aurum which means "shining dawn." As of 2009, 161,000 metric tons of gold have been mined since the beginning of human history. This has been estimated earlier this month at just under six trillion US dollars.
Nitric acid dissolves silver and base metals, but not gold.  Nitric acid is used to confirm the presence of gold. This is the origin of the term "acid test."
The amount of gold in the world is finite, but more than 99 percent of Earth's gold is in the center of the Earth. Geologist Bernard Wood of Macquarie University in Australia says, there is enough in Earth's core to coat its surface in 1.5 feet of gold.
The largest gold nugget, "Welcome Stranger," was found in Australia in 1860.
If you wish to buy gold prices can be found at Goldline International.
This is a paid post and I personally have not used their services.


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  2. just need to find my rainbow now...i did eat my Lucky Charms today though...

  3. So "streets paved in gold" really are possible, if we could just get it out.

  4. welcome stranger sounds a good name for a nugget :)

  5. Very interesting! I guess I should go searching for some forgotten gold. *smiles*

  6. I always wondered where the elves got all that gold!

  7. Well, I don't s'pect we'll be mining 99% of the earth's gold anytime soon! But how do they KNOW it's finite? Huh? How do they KNOW God isn't fillin' it back up as fast as they take it! :) I just wonder...

  8. I love the etching of the Leprechaun, though he looks like he may have lost his "golden" touch...he looks a little sad.

  9. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC had a good article on gold a while back. New technology allows microscopic particles of gold to be extracted, but this is not energy efficient. Small, "artisanal" gold mining or panning operations are on the rise with demand, and these often use virtual slave labor and are very unsafe.

  10. Anon: Stop spending so much on shoes.

    Brian Miller: You are on your way to riches.

    Alice Audrey: Now I know why people live near volcanoes.

    Juliana: Yeah. It sure would be a welcome sight.

    Susan: Yes. Do leave any of that uncovered.

    Ronda Laveen: They are crafty little devils.

    Melli: That's a good question. Science knows so little for certain.

    Kiki: Thanks.

    Jeanie: I think he feels he never has enough gold.

    Weirsdo: There has to be abuse with something so many people want.

  11. Alice: If only, huh? Like money n trees.