Monday, March 29, 2010

We Have a Winner!

The Random Number Generator brought back the number 1, so our winner of the Bunny is Susan of Inappropriate Sue. I hope your daughter, Chloe, really enjoys this babbit. Please email me at goldennib at gmail dot com with your shipping address.
(A note about addresses: If you ever give me your address, I will never give it to anyone else.) 01
I like to make things and give them away, so stay tuned for future give-aways.
0 - green butterfly It seems people have more to say about blogging. If you have not done a “Netiquette” (term coined by Quilly) post yet or have more to say on blogging practices, join me on Thursday’s 13 for more thoughts on blogging. I will put up a Netiquette Mr. Linky that will include the previous posts on blogging and you can link in with your new posts. I’ll do a Netiquette button, too, that you can use for the occasion.0 - green butterfly
Don’t forget tomorrow’s Tales on Tuesday with the theme of “Dark Shadows.”
tales on tuesday
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Nichols visited this weekend.
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  1. Nichol is adorable...look at those eyes...I think they are saying pick me up :)

  2. awww Nicole is so cuttteeeee :D
    totally adorable :)

  3. Oh my, he is growing so fast! I remember when he was first born. I know, it wasn't that long ago, but I forget how fast the really young ones change.

    I know you don't like awards, and I'm sorry. I gave you the Sunshine Award. I don't expect you to post it or accept it or anything, but I'm hoping you will take it as a compliment.

  4. Congratulations to the winner!

    I must say that your blog is very pretty and very easy to read and navigate. Wish I could say that about WordPress.

  5. What a cute baby.;)
    Congratulations to the winner.;)

  6. Cute cute cute. Where's HIS bunny?

  7. You made that, Nessa? How COOL is that?
    Congratulations to Sue!

    Nichols is your .....
    She is so PRECIOUS.
    Lovely eyes!


  8. Congrats to Sue. There goes my Rabbit Stew. And let's hear it for blogger for not displaying any pictures on the Blogger Blogs!!! Pffft...*downs many woo woo's!!!!

  9. Congrats, Sue. Since I can't have it, I am glad the babbit is going to a home where it will be loved and cuddled by a little one.

  10. adorable and talented. I can not sew. Congrats on the winner of the lovey.

  11. ok, love the proposal story. My uncle finally married his high school sweetheart when they were both in their fifties. First marriage for both.
    Love stories are infinitely complex.

  12. Did I mention that your adorable grandson gets cuter every day?!

  13. Nichols is adorable beyond words!!!

  14. That bunny is funny. The baby is a doll!

  15. What a great face too cute! I am still liking the new blog!

  16. I like to make things--and then I can't bear to give them away. Congratulations to Sue.