Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Book Review – Moving In

Come back a little later today, Tom. I have been writing. I have thousands of new words. Well, the words aren’t new. The way I put them together is new. That might not be very new either, but there’s lots of them in one place that might make some sort of sense. Maybe.
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movininMoving In
Author: Alice Audrey
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Pub. Date: February 2010

Many of you may have seen Alice Audrey from Alice’s Restaurant commenting here. You may know her from her own blog.

Alice Audrey released her first book, Moving In, February 2010. I read it Sunday night. If you like sweet, fast-paced romance with a hot hero and all of the misunderstandings that two people can throw at each other, then you will love this story. 

Moving In is well written, as you would expect if you’ve read her ongoing story Suzie’s House (a story related to Moving In) which she posts on her blog every Friday. Moving In is contemporary in its time frame and sex is only slightly suggested.

Do yourself a favor, buy Moving In and learn how Diane and Trigvey connect.

My only complaint, dear Publisher, is that it was not long enough. I need more. Hurry up and publish another book by Alice and let it be longer.

From Alice, I want to know from where the name Trigvey comes.
0 - green butterfly Not only has Alice Audrey released her first book, Moving In, but she has also created an Association meme. Here’s the lovely meme button.
Association300c  ~ press the button to find the rules ~

Alice said: Excellent
Nessa said: Fritters

Now, I’m supposed to tag someone else or leave it open ended which is the option I choose since I’m not really sure how this works. I can’t tell if I should follow the other players around and associate to their words or if Alice will collect them all and then post the list.
I’m really confused.
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  1. Well congrats on the book to Audrey, that's an awesome accomplishment!

  2. Congrats to Alice...boy you read fast :)

  3. nice. glad to hear about alice's book...will check it out...

  4. Thanks for the heads up...sounds like a good read. Trigvey sounds like a version of an Icelandic man's name Trigvi.
    Now where is your book?

  5. Trigvey is Nordic. I first encountered it in a playmate of my son when he was in pre-school. It stuck in my mind. When I thought of my hero, the name popped out and demanded to be used.

    Thanks for the review! Glad you enjoyed the book. I'm working on the next now.

    Sorry about the confusion with the meme. It isn't a hub type. It's like an award. The fun is in seeing what people do with it.

  6. Stopped in today and I simply like your post. I would like to read some of your other posts as I am always looking for new blogs to read.

  7. Tattytiara: Yes, it is. And a book well worth reading.

    Thom: I like to read.

    Brian Miller: You will like her writing.

    Mo'a: You knew about the name. Cool. I am revising one to send out in the next couple of months.

    Alice Audrey: I googled. i used my favorite name website. Nothing. Thanks for letting me know. Things like that make me bonkers. I really enjoyed the story. Can't wait for the next one. See , I knew I got the game wrong.

    May: Thank-you for visiting. I hope you come back.

  8. Thanks for your visit and comment. I'll check out Alice's meme.

  9. Alice's book is on my to-buy list. I like her Suzie's House series - the one's I've read - so I'm looking forward to Alice's debut book. :)

  10. The name Trigvey is enough to get me to check it out.

  11. Stan Ski: Thanks for visiting here.

    Shelley Munro: It's lots of fun.

    Ronda Laveen: I know. Cool, huh?

  12. Great review, Nessa.
    Lucky Audrey!


  13. The books sounds interesting. I need to check out her blog too.

  14. Shakira: You should check her out. Very romantic.

    Jennifer: Her blog is a wonderful [playground, too.

  15. I have seen her blog, and your review has me intrigued.

  16. Heart Congratulations to Alice!
    Great achievement.

  17. Sandy Carlson: Well worth your visit.

    Indrani: Yes, it is.

  18. Nessa, you say the nicest things. Thank you so much.

  19. your review makes me want to buy and read the book.

  20. Alice Audrey: You are welcome. I really enjoy your stories.

    Juliana: You will not be disappointed.

  21. That was a wonderful review! You make the book sound wonderful...and I bet it is!

  22. Stine in Ontario: It is wonderful. You should try it.