Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday 13 – Kindle Krazy

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Thirteen books in my Kindle

01: Moving In – Alice Audrey

02: Writing Fantasy – Paula Berinstein

03: A Self-Mentoring Checklist - Paula Berinstein

04: Unlock Your Creativity - Paula Berinstein

05: Point of View in Fiction - Paula Berinstein

06: Writing Dialogue #1 to 5 - Paula Berinstein

07: Heat Wave – Richard Castle

08: American Gods – Neil Gaiman

09: Triad of Hope – Adelle Laudan

10: Storm Born – Richelle Mead

11: Peeping Tom: Shelley Munro

12: The Jesus Dynasty: James D. Tabor

13: Shadowlight – Lynn Viehl

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  1. Nothing I've read. What do you recommend?

  2. There's some catchy titles there.

  3. I will get to Heat Wave one day. Hopefully.

  4. I have to admit I do not recognize any of these. But is seems to me that Paula Berinstein is one of your favourite writers.;)

  5. YOu peeping on me huh? pffft LOL Boy I haven't heard of any of these. WOOT the iPad goes for preorder Friday...Gonna give your Kindle some competition they say. I can't wait to order it :) Well maybe i'll wait for the HP Slate LOL Who knows. More EReaders coming down the pike is all I know :)

  6. nice...i have only read 2 on your list...

  7. Quilly: I will do some book reviews as I finish them. The Berinstein titles were recommended by Tom. They are short workshop type books. Sort of outlined type how-tos. I'm almost done with all of them, so I should be reviewing them Tuesday.

    Tom: I can't wait to read them. Several are from authors whose names you might see here as commentors.

    ScoMan: I love the Castle show. I hope the book is not a dud.

    Protege: She gives writing tutorials.

    Thom: I am a voyeur. EReaders are multipling like rabbits. Let me know how you like yours. I love mine. And kindle can be put on your computer for free. I downloaded it yesterday and now my laptop and Kindle "device" are in sync.

  8. Awesome stuff here -- Adelle, Shelley, Alice.

    Did you know you can head over to Smashwords before Sunday and get both MY books for free for your Kindle? I'd love to be part of your list, Nessa!

  9. how cool!
    I want a KINDLE!!!!

  10. Nost of these are new to me. Guess I'd better get reading.

    My T13: Spring Flaws

  11. I still love to have a book in hand and read as I lay down or on the patio/beach in the sun and read. I need the 'feel' and 'smell' of the paper pages.

    Here's my 13 for fun this week. Come over and laugh a time or two. I always enjoy the company-- Have a great day!!

  12. Susan: I am after your books today. As we discussed in emails, I couldn’t get them directly through Kindle/Amazon. I’ll let you know how I make out with your instructions.

    Michelle; I love my Kindle. The program is a free download to your computer, too.

    Grandma: I let you know what I think of each as I finish them.

    Hootin’ Anni: my Kindle was a surprise from my husband who is afraid the second floor will crash down on our heads from my books. I never considered getting one as I felt as you do. But the Kindle has a surprising bookish feel and is actually easier to read. I still love books.

  13. I confess I haven't read any of them. I must be slacking.

  14. Some wonderful bloggers on that list :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  15. You have your Kindle loaded up pretty nicely. At first I had forgotten what a 'kindle' was but Google quickly helped me there. I was thinking low tech, perhaps a bookcase or the like.

    One would think, before reading your comment about drawing from Thom, that Paula Berinstein (Paula B) was one of your favorites. HE may be when you get HIM all read (Paula is a HE!).
    Will you attend his on-line The Writing Show?

    If you said about speed reading on the Kindle I missed it.
    I use the Evelyn Wood method where I run my finger from one hand across the page and turn the page with the other hand. With a little practice and refreshing I can read as fast as I can flip the pages.
    Do you think one could speed read the Kindle that way?

    I'm off to see if things have calmed down elsewhere. Thanks for your good word. I haven't read it yet.

  16. Anthony: Time to pick it up – the slack that is. I just always need loads to read. It keeps me calm while I wait places. I’ve been know to read in line at the grocery store.

    Alice: I can’t wait to read you. The excepts look wonderful and you kno I love your Suzie story.

    I am Harriet: Yes they are. Busy writers not to busy to stop by. I’ll be to see you soon.

    Jim: I can not be without reading material. I used to carry a huge bag full of books. I usually am in the middle of several kinds depending on my mood. Reading is therapy for me.

    Paula is a he? Really? Are you joshin’ me? I’ll have to go look now. PB was refered to my by Tom or Tom & Icy fame. I have not had a chance to check out more than that.

    I can’t speed read. So I am not sure, but I would think you could. The Kindle device has page forward buttons on both sides so you could flip “pages” very easily. I should do a Kindle feature feature :) They are very expensive so people want to know before spending loads of money.

    I like your blogs and I like you!

  17. I don't have a Kindle ... what's it like to read for hours? Does the print bother your eyes after awhile--I mean it would be like reading a computer screen for prolonged periods, right?

  18. Well, that would all be fresh to me. I don't have a kindle but my ebook collection is mostly Sherlock Holmes these days.

  19. awwww how kewl to be on your list. I hope you enjoy Triad of Hope.

    I'd love an EReader...maybe when I'm rich and famous *wink

    Happy T13!

  20. LOL - about the roof crashing down. I like ebooks because hubby doesn't know how many books I actually have now. When he sees a groaning bookcase, he talks about booksales etc. Electronic books don't register as much!

    Thanks so much for including me on your Kindle list. :)

  21. Irishcoda: It is nothing like looking at a computer screen. They have special screens (I’m not even going to try to understand that technology.) From Christmas to the end of January I read 38 books on my Kindle – yes I actually worked and other stuff too ☺ - so I did some real power reading. It was actually easier to read because instead of turning a page you press a button and the font size can be adjusted bigger as your eyes get tired and it is easier to hold with one hand so you can lay in bed and switch positions more easily.

    Noe Noe: I understand. I am wishing one for you.

    Doug: Holmes I would have to have in real book form – classics and all. They are on my classics to read list.

    Adele: I’m sure I will. I hope your others become Kindle-fied. I’m wishing an ereader for you also.

    Shelley: There is that extra bonus too. Although I would never try to deceive my husband. ☺

  22. I have it on my iPhone. I wanted to thank you for your comment yesterday on Doug's Blog You go Girl!!!

  23. I LOVE Neil Gaiman. I've read him for years. Will have to check out Paula. Seems to be high on your list.

  24. I love my Kindle!

    But I haven't read any of the books on your list. I'll be interested to read your reviews, especially for the Richard Castle book. Nikki Heat! How intriguing that there is a book out by a fictional author!

    It reminds me of several years ago, when Garth Brooks did an album as "Chris Gaines," producing music that was SO not Garth Brooks-ish.

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  26. So do you just love your kindle? My oldest wants one but she reads so much and so quickly (3 books per week at time) I am just not sure it is worth the money.

  27. A good writer reading good books!

  28. Very very cool.! Neat to see what others are reading! Id love to have a kindle...must be fun...maybe one day!

  29. I want one! You are really loving it I can tell. :)

  30. I read Natalie Goldberg on writing like you read Paula Berinstein. I have a young friend whose name is "Kindle."

    So glad I'm back in your feed!

  31. I have not read any of those but I will keep an eye out for them

  32. Glad you lovin' your Kindle I have had the Sony ereader for a few years (version 2) because when I was still in school I could load word docs on it as well as books and study at work or where ever. now most of what is on there is serial killer books but love it for on the go reading!

  33. Nessa, this is my bad day. Now I believe that Paula is a HER. I read some more on The Writing Show that she co-authors. Going to the 'about' page I found a picture of her and her write-up calls her a HER.
    She looks like a HER, she's called a HER, her name is for a HER, she must be a HER.

    I won't go back to where I read about her being a HIM. I had to be wrong.

    I am sorry about all this, seems very careless of me to be guilable and reckless to be LOUD.

  34. Haven't read any of those, but 'Point of View in Fiction' and 'Writing Dialogue' sound very intriguing.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Thom: I wouldn't be able to see on my phone. I love you. I felt like kicking something.

    Ronda: I can't wait to get to Gaiman. Paula's are workshop type books.

    PattiKen: I hope the Castle book is good. I love the show.

    TWS: The ebooks are a little cheaper than paper books but certainly not cheaper than the library, which I will still do with books I'm not sure I'll like.

    Realliveman: Thanks.

    Noelle: I have even used mine to go online to read blogs and email. ;) I wishing one your way, too.

    Kiki: I'm wiggling my fingers for you to get one, also.

    Susan: I am loving mine. I hope you get yours soon.

    Colleen: Goldberg is good too. I was wndering why you weren't posting but it was just me not finding you.

    Melissa: I can't wait to finish them all.

    Moorebloglife: I love serial killer books. I can't wait to have the time to see all it does.

    Jim: You make me laugh so much!

    Peter: I will be doing a post on them soon. Very useful bits in them.

  37. Holmes should be read on paper, I agree. But I've read nearly all of them that way and they're the perfect length to read one on the round trip shuttle between the Disneyland parking garage and the park.

  38. Doug: My kids are trying to talk me into going to Disney in Florida the beginning of May with them for the opening of the Harry Potter park. Maybe I'll take some Holmes on the plane. (Plane does work here. <&#9786> )

  39. Doug: Well that didn't work. That gibberish at the end of my comment is meant to be a smiley face.

  40. I NEVER would have considered buying a Kindle if I randomly came across it in a store. But after hearing so much about it on various blog, I am sort of starting to want one.

    Not toddler fit status yet (IwantitIwantitIwantitIwantit) but definitely on the wish list.

  41. Jennifer: I never would have in a million way...unah! But the long I have it the more I love it.

  42. Americanising Desi: You should not. These are just coming around to the general public now.