Saturday, March 13, 2010

Choices Are a Good Thing

I need glasses to read. Basically, I use magnifying glasses because my bits are wearing out from old age. It happens. I cry myself to sleep at night. Sad, I know. But this post is not about my age related neuroses. It’s about finding inexpensive ways to compensate for my decrepitude.

Last year, I had my eye exam and bought two pairs of glasses in a well advertised package. I spent over $100 for what are basically drug store glasses. As I often forget to bring my glasses with me and I don’t treat them right when I do, I also have several of the pharmacy kind stashed everywhere. They usually cost anywhere from $15 to $20 a piece.

I have read about a new option that I think I will try the next time I need to get glasses. The Brooklyn Liberal Examiner has posted
a review online that explains how you can get prescription eyeglasses starting at $8 a pair.

By cutting out the middleman and retail overhead, it is possible to get quality
eyeglasses for a low cost from Zenni Optical. They use the latest modern materials and manufacturing to bring their product direct from their factories to us.

I checked out their website and they even have frames for $8 like ones I currently own. For that price, I think they a worth a chance.


  1. I agree. Choices are a good thing.

    Nice deal in the glasses!

  2. I have bifocal readers so I can leave them on my face while working at the hospital. The top has no magnification, the bottom does. I'm still getting used to them.

  3. When you get in your later 60's, 70's and if lucky 80's; the things you did will drastically effect your vision and cause serious problems. Best to consult a physician because a bad choice based purely on economics can result in disaster. The choice you make now will result in the choice you have to make later when you see two water glasses and have to choose which one is real.

  4. My sister did not have glasses for over thirty years. This year at 62 she qualified for them. I know you are too young for that type of assistance, but is there no group that would fit you free for glasses?

    As a former director of Helping Hands, I often referred people to a local group through the Baptist church for free glasses called Buckner Foundation. You might also try the Lions Club.

    Have you heard of infoline 211. There should be one in your area. It is a service provided by the United Way and it is free to anyone in need. May you find glasses through this organization.

  5. I'm still using only drug store reading glasses, but at my age now I'm eventually going to have to go to an eye doctor and get a proper pair and I plan on crying about that for several nights. Ah, well, I keep telling myself if it ain't broke don't try to fix it, and if it is broke do something about it without whining. I never follow good advice!! Hope your weekend is going well -- with or without glasses!!


  6. I really should see an optometrist to check for glaucoma, which my mom has. It could lead to blindness.

    I use prescription reading eye glasses -- glass, not plastic, so it won't get scratched. I have had the same pair for 10 years!

  7. Ain't getting old just so fun? LOL I use the pharmacy ones basically :)

  8. Just because we cannot read properly,
    it does not simply means we are getting old.
    I am not using a bifocal , feel dizzy ,
    I just look funny or take off my spectacles.
    I have stop wearing my contact lenses

    I love having to do all that... makes me feel
    STYLISH! lol

    Have you a great weekend, Nessa.



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  9. Thank you for this info. I'm off to check them out.

  10. Good for you for searching around and finding something so great that is reasonably priced.

  11. I wish I had read this post a few days ago! I just spent a fortune on new glasses. Thanks for letting everyone know!

  12. My father-in-law, who is about to turn 85 and is a medical doctor (ENT, esp. ears), says eyesight normally weakens as we age because of a hardening of the lenses in our eyes. He had the new, multifocal lenses put in his eyes, and now he has better vision than he EVER had in his life before! Something to think about, though I know it's expensive.

  13. Glasses are sure expensive. I need some new ones and I've been putting it off.

  14. I use the magnifying version and have had some professionals say I must use perscription and some say that magnifying don't damage your eyes - what's the truth???

  15. Genial fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.

  16. My multifocals cost me $900 and that is apparently inexpensive.

    When I paint, to avoid ruining my "good" pair, I wear el cheapo drugstore glasses ($14.95).

    The actually work just as well if not better than the expensive ones, but of course they are not multifocals.

    I'm advised that drugstore specs are good only for people whose eyes are bad to the same extent in each eye. If they're not, then you need to have an optometrist make up a pair that caters to the unequal deterioration.

    Fascinating stuff.

    Oh, before I forget, Nessa your comment on "The Riddler" inspired me to re-write it with the numbers in proper sequence. It works much better now. Thanks heaps.

    masterymistery at cosmic rapture

  17. My bits are wearing out too! I will check out your links, thanks.

  18. I've got about a half dozen pair now that I had that surgery and can't see to read without them any more. It's soooo annoying! Had no idea! I have picked them up at a couple places for under $3 each... and can easily understand people losing them or mistreating them all the time so it's a good thing they're cheap!!

  19. Fascinating idea. I've always resented that you could get magnifying glasses at the drugstore and stuff, but not glasses for distance. This website certainly makes up for that. :)

  20. I think the magnifiers work as well as prescription. I also have dozens of pairs of cheap readers and I get the lowest strength to give some improvement but not act as a complete crutch that will have me needing a stronger strength each year.

  21. Yay! Zunni -- no more glasses stress for me.

  22. I can't do without my glasses and even go to bed with them. So, it's always good to know to have more choices

  23. I'm nearsighted, and not bad enough to flunk the driving eye exam. I figure when I am, I'll go get it checked out and get glasses. I wish I could get glasses at the drug store!

  24. Realliveman: Can never hurt to have options.

    Cheesemeister: It says they do bifocals too. I can't wear them. makes me dizzy and fall down. Lack of coordination.

    Tom & Icy: Consulting an eye doctor first is excellent advice.

    Finding Pam: I appreciate you sharing those resourches. Many people can use them.

    Sylvia K: My eye doctor told me marnifying glasses are fine and my prescription glasses are just a more expensive version of them.

    Gigihawaii: Wow. You must be very careful. I'm lucky if mine make it a month or two.

    Thom: Yeah. A real laugh riot. ; )

    Shakira: I will forever more refer to myself as stylish and not old. Thanks.

    Unknown Mami: Maybe you will find it useful.

    Life with Kaishon: We can all use a break.

    Susan: I heard one person pay over $400 for bifocals the last time I was in an eyeglass store.

    Weirsdo: I've been thinking about looking into the surgery. i have no other eye problems.

    Shelley Munro: Can't hurt to give them a shot.

    Michelle: I've been told by several eye doctors that magnifying glasses are ok.

    Masterymistery: Wow. those are very expensive glasses. Your welcome. i have to ask these questions as sometimes I totally miss a point someone is trying to make.

    Ronda Laveen: Time for bionics.

    Jenn@ You Know...that blog?: I bet you are annoyed after what you went through.

    Cherie: Let us know if you try them out.

    Colleen: There's supposed to be exercises to strengthen your eyes. I keep forgetting to look them up. Supposedly you can do without glasses completely.

    Quilly: Anything to make your life easier. ; )

    Rosidah Abidin: i have them right beside my bed, too. Can't see my phone if it rings.

    Actonbell: I never used to need glasses so i'm a bit peevish.

    Noe Noe Girl: Cool.

    Jen: i know most people are not so lucky to just need magnifiers.