Friday, March 19, 2010

Flash 55 – Help?

flash 55
Write a story in exactly 55 words.
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03A disaster lay before him. Cars came from every direction, all on the verge of crashing into one another. He could see it all before it happened. Bodies laying on the ground, limbs broken, blood coloring metal and glass and tarmac.
But should he dial the emergency number? Would it be the help he sought? 
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  1. This story is interesting! The crashed could've happened for so many reasons. Was he drunk? On drugs? Speeding? & so forth!

  2. Was this a psychic trying to stop the crash? That's always a dilemma because any action one takes to stop a premonition may instead be the trigger ...

  3. Hmmm depends. Does he/she have powers to see it before it happens? I just don't think it's right to change what is suppose to be. Excellent 55 Nessa :)

  4. Now this one is really intriguing with a marvellous last line.

  5. scary picture...might not be quite what he is looking for...counst be "beast"ly...teehee. fun 55!

  6. Lots to think about there, and the number on the back of that car? Hope he doesn't call that number as the emergency number...

    My 55 is Everything I Lack

  7. If he calls emergency, he's going to have a lot of paperwork to fill out.

  8. A lot to contemplate on this one ~ nice job Nessa. Intriguing.

    I'm up after a few weeks off:
    Friday Flash 55 ~ Pride

  9. Kinda like those it Flash Forward? No...can't think of the movie titles where the kid can see deaths of his friends.

    Anyway,........being that I'm babbling again, I'll move on. I really like your 55...always do.

    Here's mine Take Pleasure - 101

    Have a super terrific weekend.

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  11. WOW... Nessa, this is intense and you change the whole fiction just with your last line!
    You really should publish your work!


  12. He should pinch himself. If he wakes up then he should roll over and go back to sleep.

    If he doesn't wake up then scream. That will wake someone else up to help him.

    And if neither of those work, he should pick up his toys like a good boy and get ready for supper.
    BTW, that was a 55 word comment for you.

  13. Wonder how 911 would react to a disaster-to-be call?

  14. ESP or inanity? Exactly what number does he have in mind?

    Well done, Nessa!

  15. The tarmac, a plane crash? 666 would they pick up only those who couldn't be SAVED??

    My 55: My Invisibility

  16. Dreams of Perfection: Or all of them together.

    Quilly: ...that let a serial killer live to kill again?

    Thom: Ah, you believe in preordained fate?

    Anthonynorth: A conundrum.

    Brain Miller: You score 100% for being the first to get it.

    Peter Stone: You get a great big A+ too.

    Doug: That could be hell.

    Chef Kar: I hope he thinks carefully.

    Hootin' Anni: i know what you mean and I can't think of the name either. You have a wonderful weekend too. It's Spring!

    Shakira: As soon as I can find someone to publish for me!

    Jim: You have given him lots of choices. Does he get desert?

    Secret Agent Woman: I don't think we should test it.

    Alice: I think we have a 3rd winner.

    Buzzard: And you make the 4th who got it. Yours is a very good question. That would make a good story.

  17. hmmm. I guess I am too literal to get this story. Ask Quilly. She knows how dense I am. LOL.

  18. Reminds me of that show about the guy that got tomorrow's news today... what to do? what to do?

  19. something diabolic about this one... great food for thought

  20. Assuming this was "photo inspired" I love it. Sign of the beast always stimulates the imagination. Thanks for stopping by to read my 55 and for your kind words.

  21. This makes me want to know more!

  22. Well done, Nessa..I can imagine the whole scene in front of me.

  23. loving the micro 55 fiction :)
    well done

  24. I always feel like I'm on the verge.

  25. What a moment, what a decision.

    My kids are very much into Kung Fu Panda, in which the old turtle remarks that 'a man often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it'. Your story reminded me of that -- lots of food for thought!

  26. Gigihawaii: You are not dense. It is pretty vague.

    Melli: Yeah. One of those philosphical things.

    Juliana: Diabolic is exactly right. Another winner.

    Mama Zen: I agree.

    Monkey Man: Not the number you would normally dial in an emergency. Another champion of awareness.

    Jennifer: In this case, you might not.

    Mumsy: Thanks.

    Michelle: Thank-you.

    Unknown Mami: I hope you have strong toes.

  27. Susan: I like that. I will remember that. Very wise turtle, as they tend to be.

  28. Hmmm. A little tricky, this is. Photo leads one to believe it's a car crash but tarmac means plane. Very good. 666 indeed.
    Good job!

  29. very cool love a good blood bath! But you need that mysterious Dun Dun Dun music at the end!

  30. Just like my first driving lesson!


    mine is kind of dry,
    a new hand,
    Thank you for looking at it!
    Happy Friday!
    You rock!

  32. how does that old saying go? Ze who dials the number of the beast trials the slumber of the East, or something...

    really enjoy the way your graphics/photos/visuals always work so well and so tightly with your words...

    masterymistery at cosmic rapture

  33. This one is intriguing. It raises all sorts of questions.

  34. What was psychic about this for me was, I witnessed a little rear-ender on the way to work this morning.

  35. Clever indeed! A thriller in 55 words?

  36. Yvonne: Tarmac can refer to any paved road although it wouldn't surprise me if the devil threw a plane in there somewhere.

    Moorebloglife: I wish I had thought of that.

    Stan Ski: Oh, no. I hope not. ;)

    Ji: Thanks. I'm glad you joined the fun.

    Masterymistery: I have to look for that saying. It's quite good. And thank-you.

    Together We Save: I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Shelley Munro: Because we all need more questions. = )

    Ronda Laveen: Mine was on the way home.

    Stine in Ontario: Only if you were thrilled.

  37. A dilemma for sure. Is he a psychic? Or a schizophrenic? Does he need a physician? Or a psychiatrist? It's a conundrum.

    My 55 is up here.

  38. PattiKen: Keen awareness and madness are closely related.

  39. Well, in my CPR classes I tell the students to at least call 911 if you see an emergency but can't help! :D
    Interesting 55! :)