Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday 160 - Bare

Tell a story in 160 characters.
01 At the close of the day the setting sun warmed the bench once shared by my love and me. Emptiness filled my heart. The dawn would come and I would need to go on.
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  1. I just don't understand the point of playing these games. This stuff is what we learned in Journalism classes when it was neccessary to write a column that would fit onto a printed page like a newspaper or magazine. It is setting limits and thinking inside the box, which earlier you had complained that your parents tried to make you do when you were a child and wanted to be creative and think outside the box. This was very beautiful and touching, but gave the impression you had something to express but were afraid to express it with any depth. It would make a great opening or hook. It reminds me of feelings I get when I am at places where my first wife and I sat around and talked all night before she was killed.

  2. for me it was a lonely place of memory...

  3. A lot to ponder on, Nessa?

    Lovely 160.


  4. Ah, that was beautiful! I really loved this one...

  5. Avery touching and sad piece. Nicely done.

  6. Accepting loneliness is something we all have to deal with sometime. However, once you know you are never alone, you learn how to deal with these time.

    Nicely written....again!

  7. So poignant and full of feeling for such a short story. Beautiful!

  8. Very nice. Sad and lonely but nice.

  9. Beautiful, Nessa!
    Enjoy your day!


  10. beautiful photo and the words really speak to me... sigh

  11. It isn't an easy challenge to show the depth of emotion in only 160 charatcters. You have done an amazing job. Few can speak so deeply in so little. Thanks for playing.

  12. The photo barely needs a word.

    Your comment about the Bland Music Contest was funny and right one. The contest was named after James Bland, a minstrel man.

  13. ....."and I would need to go on". A world of feeling in a few words.

  14. So sad, but beautiful words and image!

  15. Tom & Icy: Always keeping me honest. Actually, you took longer than i thought you would to voice yourself on this topic. One of the reason's i do these is because they are easy to follow. because I do paid posts and have advertisizers on my blog, I need to post everyday to keep traffic up. Because I get paid to write, I can deduct certain expenses from my taxes. This is a step towards my goal of being a paid novelist. i have been doing the other writing. i have thousands of words written since I put my website on hold. PS - Where are you? You make me nervous that you shut down all of your blogs and haven't answered my email. please let me know how you fare?

    Brian Miller: hadn't planned to go there, but that's what came up.

    Shakira: There are always empty spaces.

    Protege: Thank-you.

    Susan: Thanks.

    Realliveman: Sometimes we do forget we are never truly alone, but very much missing loved ones.

    Tracie: Thank-you.

    Thom: Yes. Sometimes we must go there.

    Sylvia K: Thank-you. And you, too.

    Alice Audrey: True.

    Juliana: thanks.

    Monkey Man: I enjoy the game. Thank-you.

    Rondan Laveen: Thank-you.

    Colleen: Once I read the article, I understood. The title just threw me off.

    Jeanie: The not giving up part is the hardest.

    Rosidah Abidin: Thank-you.

    Noe Noe Girl: Thanks.

  16. This is the story of my life when it comes to romance, which is why I quit going there twelve years ago.

  17. Blooming Psycho: i was alone for 12 years. i rather enjoyed it.

  18. Perfect for the image... you managed a lot of emotion in few words.

  19. Perfect for the image... you managed a lot of emotion in few words.