Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday 13 – Magical Creatures


0 - green butterfly[3]
   1] Tiamat (f - the Babylonian sea Goddess) green dragon for passion

   2] Aeronwen (f – Welsh “white berry”) white owl for visions

   3] Mac Dara - (m – Irish “oak tree”) a druid priest hiding as an incense burner

   4] Andraste - (f – Celtic “invincible”) the Goddess of Victory

   5] Endymion - (m – Greek “to enter”) sleeping fox – eternal life through eternal sleep

   6] Hraban - (m – Ancient Germanic “raven”) change and transformation

   7] Dylan [blue, 2nd born] & LLeu [green, 1st born] (m – Welsh “great flow” & “light”) twin brothers, dark & light – influence & commerce and craftsmanship

   8] Re’im (m – Hebrew “unicorn” mentioned 9 times in the Bible) strength 

   9] Euterpe (f – Greek “delight”) the muse of joy [pink girl]

10] Audo (m – Ancient Germanic “fortune”) opportunity [frog]

11] Ermenrich (m – Ancient Germanic “universal power”) magic and mystery [black cat]

12] Moirae (f – Greek Mythology”apportioners”) the three fates, destiny [the three women under the fox]

13] Iolana, Kalea, Malie (f – Hawaiian) soar,  joy, calm [the three dolphins under the crystal ball]
0 - v[3]



  1. Wow it's like learning a whole different language. Love the photo to :) Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. I learned a lot here. Wish I had thought of this!

  3. i remember tiamat from the dungeons and dragons cartoon..smiles.

  4. I have not heard of most of these,but I did enjoy reading the list.

  5. This was constructive, educational. Knew some of them, but happy to now know the rest too :)
    Lovely photo and I love that you took the time to type this :)

  6. Thom: Several languages.

    Susan: I love names and their meanings, especially archaic ones.

    Brian Miller: Yes, but my Tiamat is a Goddess of creation not one solely of destruction, although they often come as one being.

    Melissa Mashburn: Most are from mythology.

    Estrella05azul: I live to teach ;)

  7. Something about that wild collection of gods/goddesses portrayed by toys made me laugh out loud.

  8. What a great idea for a TT! They all look so cute....I love that you included the Re'im! Strength is a good thing!

  9. Wonderful list!

    Have a great Thursday!

  10. Oh, I love reading about these mythological wonders. Excellent post.

  11. Secret Agent Woman: The old Gods are rarely taken seriously any more.

    Shopannies: Well, maybe somewhat.

    Trace: Strength is very important. i might not get out of bed each day without it.

    I am Harriet: be by to visit soon.

    Anthonynorth: They are so crazy fun.

  12. I couldn't help but wonder how long and how hard it was for you to come up with this list. Did you make it from the top of your head?
    It was enjoyable reading and unlike Susan, I didn't learn much. I did learn that here was more that I didn't know and couldn't know. Just know of now.

  13. That's one thing I really love about T-13s. I'm always learning something new!

  14. Awesome! I've bookmarked this. What a plethora of inspiration for a writer. Happy T13!

  15. Magnificent Crew..full of magic and fun! terrific post!

  16. I think I must live a very sheltered life.

    My son's name is Dylan. I knew if was Welch for "from the water." Named him after the two poets.

  17. What a powerful altar you created with a wonderful array of god and goddesses.

  18. Jehar: Thank-you.

    Jim: I love to be able to say my memory and my knowledge is that good but I'd be lying which i'm not adverse to doing but not this time. Some I knew, but i did look most of them up at some point.

    Irishcoda: They are good for that.

    Adelle Laudan: I'll send you the website I use for names. It's a wonderful to waste time instead of writing.

    Kiki: I love's magic.

    Colleen: You are absolutely right. Dylan was associated with the sea. And I hope we all know the poets.

  19. Rondan Laveen: I'll do the magic objects sometime in the future.

  20. Just finished reading Joseph Campbell's gigantic 4 volume series on mythology so it's great to be able to put names to faces! Tiamat's my favourite --- very old school

  21. Something different and original for a T-13! Yippie!

  22. Love the photo and all the great info! My 2nd son's name is Dylan, so it was especially neat to read that!

    And i swear, chocolate and avocados really can go together and taste good!

  23. Masterymistery: I would love to read all of Campbell. I've only managed bits and pieces of him. Tiamat is my favorite too. I'mm trying to think of a way to do a twitter story with her as the main character.

    Moorebloglife: I'm glad you enjoyed.

    Julia: Dylan is a great name. I think I'm going to try your recipe this weekend just to see.

    Alice: Audo is the mutlicolored shiny frog. Frogs are extremely good luck.

  24. I like #7 - the light and the dark. Seeing them in the photo, I just can't believe it. They're so cute!

  25. Awesome post, Nessa!

    You are so creative and always a prolific writer!


  26. Shelley: They light up inside when you wiggle them.

    Shakira: Thank-you so much!

  27. Well, I'm a happy guy, and I AM partial to that girl-in-pink, Euterpe..the muse of joy!

    Nessa, you are truly an imaginative artist, a creator, of beauty sometimes in a funky style. LOVE it!


  28. Euterpe-that's definitely me, let me tell it :o) I love the pic you included too.

  29. Steve E: Your lovely compliment is a moment of pure joy!

    Dreams of Perfection: I see the resemblance. ;)

    Americanizing Desi: I am glad.

  30. you ARE surrounded with magic!

  31. Quite a collection you got there Nessa! I have a sister who loves anything mythical and magical. I always find cute stuff like that for her!

  32. Juliana: Like swirling multicolored lights.

    Melli: They are fun company in my special little world.

  33. What fun to see all these names and meanings, Nessa!

  34. That is uncannily similar to our Netherworld Hotel crowd!!

  35. Stine in Ontario: Just one of those things that keep my little mind busy.

    Emrald: I am sure they are all related.