Friday, March 15, 2013

Shocks and Jolts

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I had a pair of red pumps from my brother’s first wedding that I absolutely loved. They were cloth and dyed red to match the dresses we wore. They were shaped perfectly so they never hurt my feet. I don’t wear a lot of color most of the time. Even back then in my twenties I wore mostly black or dark neutrals but I would put on those red pumps and I felt so good. I liked that little shock of color in an unexpected place. Now, I like to do the same thing with socks. I wear wacky, colorful socks that can just peek out from my black pants.

This makes me think that I am just too subtle most of the time. Most people never even see the little things. I do that with my writing. When I write something with multiple meanings it is intentional. I love double entendres. Lines with more than meaning, like the “revolting peasants” in yesterday’s 13 list. I purposely wrote “The peasants are revolting” so you wouldn’t be sure if they were just “in revolt” or if I somehow found them objectionable. Or both at the same time. Simple stuff like that amuses me.

I think this is why I lose interest in certain comedians so quickly. Their jokes are usually so obvious and after the first couple of times I get bored if there is nothing to read between the lines. Of course, I am in the minority because I rarely like what’s popular and the ones I do like don’t last in the form I like them. I am a poor person to ask in any marketing venture because my likes and dislikes don’t sell. I don’t understand why certain things sell. I just don’t.

Now that I am not working, I’ve been getting out and about around town. Things have changed so quickly. New shopping malls, more townhouses, and restaurants have gone up in places that used to be open spaces. I went to go to some stores yesterday and they were closed. This leads me to think how wasteful we are. Large empty buildings sit deserted when they could easily be reused. What do we do instead? Put more buildings in empty fields and wooded areas that are no longer wooded. And why? Just so there is something new. Consumerism sucks.

It’s sad really that we prefer change - constant stimulation - instead of the appreciation of the steady, the faithful, the consistent. We are so very fickle. We just prefer to through away the used, and buy new. Instead of taking care of our things, our people, we toss them all away. We are all going to be living on physical and emotional trash heaps soon.

I miss coffee. Not for the taste but for the jolt of the caffeine. I miss diet Coke, too (but never Pepsi.) Maybe I’ll just start munching on NoDoz or Vivarin. I wonder if they still make those. Too much caffeine messes up my sleep cycles and I like sleep more than I like jolts of energy.

I have no idea what I dreamt about last night.