Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Margarita Wednesday

You’ll notice that comments are turned off for this post. Comments will be turned off for all posts marked “journal” in the labels. I am turning off comments because I am attempting to write my journal entries without an audience in mind. I must write a 500 minimum entry to get myself in the writing habit. My only rule is that it be 500 words. I’ll bounce around and write whatever comes to mind without censorship. There are so many things I feel I shouldn’t say when I have an audience. Not really a particularly good habit for a writer (censorship, that is.)

I will be doing everything here. I have a website and 18 blogs and that’s just silly. Since Secret Agent Woman showed me how to set up my blog to be able to respond right under specific comments, I am very happy. That’s the only thing I missed from blogspot. So, other than for my journal posts, I’ll respond to comments on all other posts. (I began responding in the "Who's Your Daddy?" post.)

If you want to be able to respond to post comments in the same way, here are the instructions:

On the Overview page of your dashboard:

1. Click on "Settings"
then "Other"
then "Allow Blog Feeds"
set it to "Full" in the drop down menu

Make sure to click "Save settings"

2. Then again under "Settings"
click on "Posts and Comments"
then on "Comment Location"
set it to "Embedded" in the drop down menu

Make sure to click "Save settings"

All of my posts will be on this blog. That will save me so much time. I figured out this morning that I just like to make up pretty new blogs with lovely backgrounds and each with a different font but I’m making it too hard for people to see things. It’s really not necessary to do Purdie Pyrate cartoons on one blog, writing up dates on another, memes here, journal there, sun art at another blog. I was losing track of where I was. If you want to see stuff already posted, you know, when you’re bored and have nothing better to do, go up to the “Find Me” tab and you can get lost in the chaos.

I just poured my fourth Margarita with Sense and Sensibility OnDemand playing on the TV and blathering on here and all because I can - at 4.30 on a Wednesday and who cares if I get a hangover and stay in bed all day tomorrow? Not me. I am free to do whatever the hell I want. I’ve never felt better. QV took me to TGI Fridays for lunch. Do you know their margaritas are $10.00 each? I mean they are good but not that good. I had two. :)

There were hundreds of different rooms in my dreams again last night. That’s one of the recurring themes. It could be a school or a palace or castle or one rare occasions and hospital but always buildings with many rooms to play in. None of the rooms are ever the same, just lots and lots of variety, to keep me from getting bored I think.