Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chop the Corn

* journal entry - comments closed *

I got nothing this morning. So this post is going to be very boring. I’m bored already. Right now I am just putting down words because I need to make my 500 word quota. It’s taken me about two hours to remind myself that I just need to start. I struggled with the whole, “I’ve got to wrote something important and entertaining.” Poodiddly.

The sky is very blue today. What are the cliches for blue skies? Robin’s egg, baby, cornflower, watercolor, sky. I can’t think of any that are not cliche. Just one is all I need before the end of my journal entry.

My dog is very hairy. When my daughter wanted a dog, the one stipulation I made was that it wouldn’t shed a lot of hair. Have I mentioned before how well my plans work out? I am surprised that The Codes has any hair left he loses so much. I wear mostly black so his hair stays with me wherever I go. The Codes is a cross between a golden retriever and a border collie. He is about half the size of a golden retriever. Whenever we walk anywhere, people always want to pet him because he is so cute and very sweet. He’s twelve years old now. He had lots of problems with his ears. We spent thousands on him. Finally, our previous vet want to cut his ears and change the shape of his ear canals. That would have been another five thousand dollars. We took him to a different vet for a second opinion and she straighten him out with medicine. He has some sort of allergies. We just had a hard time thinking we had to radically change his life at his age. He would have been deaf and there was no guarantee the problem would go away.

I have two more days that I get to waste however I want without guilt. Monday is April 1st and the beginning of my new life. I have consciously made no choices during this past month other than knowing I must write for a living. How that will manifest itself is yet to be determined. I just keep reminding myself to be as brave as I was when I was in my twenties. I wasn’t afraid of tomorrow, then.

When did I become so afraid of everything? I really can’t pinpoint a time. It was gradual. And as overused as the excuse is it comes from my middle class parents. You need a job that gives you steady income and health insurance and vacation days. If it kills your soul, so be it. It’s your duty to suffer. It’s our purpose in life to sacrifice all of who your are for others. In fact, we should use who we really are to uplift others to be themselves.

How about, “The sky is the blue of sea glass, soft and translucent, polished by waves tumbling it through surf and sand.”

OK. I am done torturing words out of myself for now. Off to do some dishes. That always encourages the words to flow.