Thursday, March 14, 2013

Poor Drunk

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Don’t ever let me do that again. I did not have enough fun drinking to make up for the crappy sleep I had. I tossed and turned and woke up repeatedly. I got up at two am so thirsty. I had to drink a huge glass of cold milk. Then I could sleep a little better but it still wasn’t good. I don’t have a hangover which is good because I’m going to be cranky enough as it is over my lack of sleep. I hate when my sleep is not good.

I think too much alcohol makes all of my joints ache more than usual. My right shoulder, right wrist, left elbow, right hip and left knee are all throbbing this morning. I’ll move on from this. I don’t like to dwell on my physical pains.

These were some of the items in my dreams last night: Blue man pinhead ultimate lover, The Codes, superstore, overpacked car, trunk that won’t close, hiding, running, moving, camper, spies, gangsters, cafeteria, overcrowded beach, parking lot, shopping, escape, hunted. I had to write them down in a list so I wouldn’t forget them.

Here’s how they go together:

I was searching for my perfect lover who looked like a Blue Man Group version of Zip the Pinhead. No matter who I met, I would ignore them because they did not fit my version of who I was looking for. While not paying attention to the world around me, people started hunting me.Bounty hunters, spies, gangsters were all trying to find me. I had something in my over packed PACER but I didn’t know what it was. My traveling companion (I think my other self) was trying to convince me to hide but I wouldn’t listen. We went to a crowded shopping center and I double parked my car in a fenced in lot, leaving my purse under the bumper because it was heavy and no one would steal it. A bounty hunter looking for me staked out my car. I went shopping in the superstore, The Codes got out of the car and came in the store. A working said dogs were not allowed. “We have to have some rules.” I said, “I’m almost done and look how well behaved he is and no one here minds so leave us alone.” And he went away. Then I was followed around by a stalker while I bought celery and ketchup and white couches. I took my purchases out, shoved them in the car and the trunk/back hatch wouldn’t close and was holding me up from leaving. Finally, it closed. I shoved the dog in around the cardboard boxes and clothes in my car and we went to a crowded cafeteria which turned into a crowded beach. I was so busy trying to escape the crowds to get to the water that I never saw the blue pin head lover that entered the area behind me.

I wish I had the time to go back to school to study physics but that would be a distraction right now because I do want to write.