Monday, March 04, 2013

Keep Up the Fight

A woman was planning her flight
to outrun the emotional blight
of boredom and tears
and unmentionable fears
from the block on her ability to write.

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  1. Very good....there is no block in your ability to write a good limerick.

  2. What a great limerick, Love it :)

  3. There was a London man
    Whose verses wouldn’t scan
    Night after night try as he might
    Knew he’d never be as good as Van

  4. I know, I know its appalling but it made me laugh!

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  6. writers block is a myth any way....smiles.....nice limerick

  7. Thanks so much for your clever contribution to this week's Limerick-Off. I hope you'll participate frequently!

  8. You've just received something of a shock with the loss of your job. It's no wonder the cognitive abilities are a bit impaired. However, this limerick proves you can still write, to be sure! As does your salty post. Besides, anything you write has to be better than this!

    There once was a woman named Cheese
    Who wanted to write as she pleased
    Though others decried her
    Right to write the feelings inside her
    The Cheese wouldn't be cut off at the knees!

  9. I love the last line, the twist of words. This certainly isn't your problem!

  10. Ha! Good take on writer's block, which you apparently don't have.