Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Laid Plans

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I make plans and I am always surprised when the universe thumbs its nose at me.

My father was to have a prostate procedure this morning. I checked with my parents several times to see if they wanted me to take them but they insisted I did not need to go. According to them, it was only to take a couple of hours and he would be home. If I could just call them at 04.30 to make sure they were awake and up, that would be more than enough. No problem.

Since The Snoogs, The Pirate and The MM drove to Florida last night I didn’t sleep well. I woke up at 02.00 and drifted in and out until my alarm went off and I called my parents. They were up and about so I laid back down.

Just as I fell asleep at 06.15, they called. Their car would not start and they were fifteen minutes late for my father’s appointment. I woke up QV. We got dressed and out the door in ten minutes. Fifteen minutes later in fornt of my parent’s house, I got out of our truck and my father got in and they were gone.

Not fifteen minutes after that QV was back. My father did not want QV to go in with him. Problem was, now no one knew anything. I had QV take me back to the hospital. I went in and my father was still waiting. It’s now 07.15. My father said they weren’t taking him up for his procedure until 11.30. That didn’t sound right. When his intake nurse came I found out that he was due to go up at 07.30 and it would be several hours by the time he’d be back in recovery. So I waited. He went up on time. I left my number and QV took me back to my parents house where we waited for the hospital to call.

In the meantime, QV took out their battery (the original from when the bought the car) got a new one and put it in. Good to go on that. QV left to do other things. The surgeon called around 09.00 to say all was well but they were going to keep him overnight because they wanted to put in a catheter to make sure he wouldn’t get blood clots because they ended up taking out more tissue than they originally planned.

In between all of this I talked to The Snoogs to keep her awake. They drove straight through so she was getting sleepy towards the end of her turn driving. They left around 20.30 Sunday night and they arrived at their hotel at 15.00 this afternoon.

My mother and I went back to the hospital at 12.30. My father finally got to his room at 13.30. We talked to his nurse and got all kinds of information and by 14.45 my father was falling asleep so I took my mother home.

This has finally learned me to trust my instincts. I just should have gone in the first place like I wanted to.