Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday 13 – What Was the Question?

  1.  Deep clear emerald, new Spring grass or rich dark moss

  2. 18,900 days

  3. The Greek goddess of butterflies

  4. Spaghetti with my mother’s meat sauce and ice cold milk

  5. dragons, bells, chimes, notebooks

  6. Autumn or Fall

  7. Halloween because you get to play dress-up

  8. Libra with Libra rising

  9. Würzburg, Germany

  10. Susie-Q and Messy Nessie

  11. Cashier at an auto parts store

  12. Amazing Grace played on bagpipes
0 - green butterfly

0 - v


  1. Everyone of these are like magic. :)

  2. I take it these are the things you like.;) Some of those I like too.;)

  3. what are 13 things that make your heart beat...AG on the bags rocks!

  4. You can't beat Amazing Grace on bagpipes...there is just something about it.

    Have a great Thursday Nessa...and to answer your question...Berleen is a 'hostess' for Thursday Thunks, but Bud Weiser is filling in for her for the time being.

  5. hmmmm..interesting TT

    1. Which is your favorite shade of green?

    2. How many days have you been alive?

    3. Who are you named after?

    4. What's your favorite meal?

    5. What is on your desk?

    6. What's your favorite season?

    7. What's your favorite holiday?

    8. What's your sign?

    9. Where were you born?

    10. Who tagged you with these questions?

    11. What was your first car?

    12. What was your first job?

    13. What is your favorite song?

    How did I do? :-)

  6. You know... it's MUCH more fun this way! LOL!

  7. Thom: Of course. They are about me.

    Zuzana: Some of them are my likes.

    Brian Miller: Sort of. I almost stop breathing when I hear it.

    HOOTIN' ANNI: Thanks for explaining Berleen. I can obsess over the oddest things.

    Judy: 8 ½

    Melli: I get tired of reading the same questions. I just want the answers.

  8. So each is the answer to a different question? I was trying to come up with one question with 13 answers. It wasn't going well.

  9. Mama Zen: Every once in a while the grey matter fires properly.

    Alice Audrey: I like your idea of 13 answers to 1 question. I’m going to use that in the future.

    Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades.: I like it better than a long list of questions.

  10. I think this is a brilliant way to do these. Much more fun than your regular meme. I recognized your birthplace, by the way.

  11. Now that was interesting. I liked your answers.

  12. Spaghetti and milk ??? yikes !

  13. I figured it was a meme. It was actually fun reading the answers and then imagining the question.

  14. Doug: I wonder if the place affected me in any way – all of those burnings and inquisitions and ergot poisoning and stuff.

    Finding Pam: I have to mix them up somehow.

    Gattina: MMMmmmm, yes. I have to have milk with my sketts.

    Shelley Munro: I aim to stretch the imagination ;)

  15. "Doug: I wonder if the place affected me in any way – all of those burnings and inquisitions and ergot poisoning and stuff."

    That's not the Franconian way.

  16. Great idea for T13. I have a few guesses. You will share the questions for those of us that wonder. Right?

  17. 63mago: Oh, most definitely Franconian - no one has a greater imagination for the possibilities of evil in the world than us Germans.

    jillconyers: See Judy's comment above. She got almost all of them in one shot.

  18. Du bist von Franken? I thought you are a born American.

  19. I enjoyed reading this post. And like you, I love Autumn or Fall too.

  20. 63mago: Ich war in Würzburg geboren. Ich habe in Heidelberg und in Frankfurt gewohnt. Ich habe Familie in München und in Burghausen.

    Ich wendete meine Kindheit in Hallein und in Oberalm, Österreich auf. Meine Mutter ist von Österreich so die meisten meiner Familie ist im Salzburg, Österreich.

    Mein Deutscher erhält Schlechtes. Meine Mutter sprach nie Deutsches mit uns zu Hause und meine Deutschen Verwandten möchten immer Englisch mit Praxis sprechen.

    Eden: Today, it is cool and clear and the birds are chattering in the trees. I’m happy.

  21. They sound mostly likes firsts and/or favorites. Was it one question or 13 questions?

  22. secret agent woman: They are 13 different questions. See Judy's comment above. She got most of them correct.