Wednesday, September 08, 2010

PoW #32 – Best Laid Plans

Rachel flew to the Swiss Alps.
20100908 02
She used all of her savings to stay
at the most expensive hotel she could find.
She thought for sure she’d find a rich husband here.
20100908 01
A man who could afford expensive antique cars;
20100908 04
a man who who could afford to save the family ranch.
20100908 03
While hiking in the mountains,
she met a man of the land
who made her an offer:
20100908 06
These were not the kind of carrots she had wanted.
20100908 05
0 - green butterfly
Portrait of Words: Once a month, use the supplied pictures to write a story.
This month’s pictures supplied by Bill at The Old Fart’s Blog.

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  1. ROFLMAO!!! Good one. I never saw that coming. Thanks so much for playing. :) Carrots. BWAHAHAHAHA

  2. ha. they are good for your eyes though...

  3. Thom: Yeah, apparently, Rachel didn't either. I am just proud I remembered to do the story in the first place.

    Brian: So, he really did have her best interests at heart.

  4. Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades: Yes, one should be very specific with her wishes. no telling how the universe will interpret them.

  5. ha, obviously not the kind of rich rachel was after...

  6. I love this!

    I was going to do the meme, then ran out of time and tried it last night and couldn't get anywhere with it. The thing intimidated me. But if I can treat it like a FF55, maybe I can handle it. I'll have to think about it.

  7. Ohhhhhh wOnderful! Hmmm... sometimes it's NOT as easy to fall in love with a RICH man!

  8. LOL - I'd loved to have seen her expression after the offer of carrots.

  9. juliana: She hasn’t figured out true value yet.

    Alice Audrey: I toss the pictures around and just do what comes to mind. Thom has no word requirements.

    Melli: She just wanted to fall in love with the rich part.

    Shelley Munro: Picture someone sucking on a lemon.

  10. Do you know I actually had to Think about the carrot thing for a second, OMG so funny! the whole thing was cute , after the save the ranch line I could almost hear the drama music playing (Dun dun dun!) too cute Nessa!10+

  11. Lol..this is cute.You are so good Nessa. Great one!

  12. Bloggin'withAmanda: I was afraid it might be too vague but you dun me proud *smiles*

    Eden: Thank-you.

  13. I enjoy this story, Nessa..When I saw the goat, I started to laugh..Great ending..

  14. Indrani: She was not in for a pleasant surprise.

    Mumsy: Yes, the goat was a hint of things to come.

  15. Nessa this was good, Poor Rachel I guess it wasn't Mac that she found.

    OK, now I really dated myself, making the Another World Soap reference. :}

  16. Bill ~ {The Old Fart}: I'm glad you clarified. I'm old but not a soap watcher.