Friday, September 03, 2010

Flash 55 - Nature's Vampire

~ click image to make biggerer ~

He hovered in mid-air, 
wings set to backstroke and legs dangling, searching for a footing in the alien world
 he now found himself. 
The bright red globe invited him to land and rest; to collect his energy to venture further on in search of the red that would truly satisfy his hunger and his thirst.

 I know it’s not a mosquito but lets pretend.

Flash 55 - Write a story in exactly 55 words.


  1. This was fun! I had to look long and a hard to find him hovering there in midair.;))
    Have a great Friday,

  2. for the hills! smiles...his reign is almost the cold will drive him to his coffin...

  3. I love that you captured a bug in that great photo. Enlarging it just makes it all the more awesome.

    Mine's up!

  4. Very interesting picture. Well done.

  5. Nessa, you crack me up! My tomatoes are just about history!

  6. goodness

    hey, happy weekend! here by way of the Funster's side bar link button love

  7. ...I mean, vegetarian mosquitoes and vampires.

  8. I really enjoyed this poem.
    Another good one

  9. I have had to share some of my tomato crop with insects, too. Oh, well.

  10. Nice. I love the concept of "nature's vampire." That's exactly what they are, but I never would have thought of it. Very clever.

  11. Everyone seems to be enjoying Nature's bounty!!
    Most excellent photoraphy Vanessa.
    Loved your whimsical little allegory as well.
    You Rock The Planet Baby!!
    Thank You the Thursday thing again, I know the work that something like that entails...Much Obliged.
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  12. No! I refuse to pretend. Do you have any idea how many mosquito bites I got last week?

  13. i think a male mosquito would be quite pleased with the tomato plant. it's the females who are after the blood