Friday, September 24, 2010

Flash 55 – Top Dressing

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Farmer Brown has a green thumb. 
Plants grow with wild abandon under his care.
 He knows the best time to sow his seed. 
He knows when to whip out his hose to wet a parched and thirsty ground. 
He knows which fields are fat with nutrients.
 He knows when to till in the composted bodies.  
I am slowly making my way around on visits but I am so behind.
0 - green butterfly
Write a story in exactly 55 words.


  1. If I didn't know better I would think this has very sexual overtones. I'm just sayin'...LOL but the composted bodies sorta make that idea flaccid. LOL. great 55. Have a wonderful Friday.

  2. hmmm I agree with Thom--frisky---you have captured life or the creation of life--happy friday! c

  3. You got me with the composted bodies.

  4. Wow, what a twist in the end.;) Hehe, I kind of like this farmer until I realized what he was up to.;)
    Have a lovely Friday,

  5. Great ending, love a good twist :)
    You're so great at flash 55, Nessa!

  6. I was thinking "oooh, what a lovely and sweet 55" until I got to the last line. You got me!

  7. Thom: You got the point so well. I think I was watching another serial killer show at the time.

    C.M. Jackson: The cycle of life is pretty frisky.

    Alice Audrey: I was having a New Jersey moment – we have buried bodies all over the place.

    Zuzana: This caused a Dexter ad to come up on the side bar.

    estrella05azul: The tractor is across the street from where I work and it makes me think of Soylent Green.

    5thsister: I might need special care. I’m always going for the dead bodies.

  8. oh but it makes the garden so lush...and the veggies so juicy...smiles. nice 55...

  9. Whoa...almost done in Ripper style!! Erotic and yet, lethal.

    "Pop...goes the weasel" is my link to my 55...just scroll down below the Halloween part. I do hope you can find time to visit with me! Have a super Friday, and a blessed weekend.

  10. I thought suddenly of the male answer to a Black Widow spider! After sensual cavorting she devours her suitors! I guess I kept this interpretation when I saw you said not just compost but "composted bodies". That seems to imply a kind of murder! A very clever and creative 55!

  11. Brian Miller: Aren’t the colors pretty. There are very special minerals in the human body.

    HOOTIN' ANNI: I love Jack the Ripper stories. People who have absolutely no empathy fascinate me. I will be by soon to visit. I love Halloween too.

    Greyscale Territory: OOOOoooo a deadly people eating spider is so cool.

  12. Now that's an intriguing ending.

  13. For some reason, I thought you were going with a drug theme until I hit the end.

  14. Nature is just ripe with frisky metaphors! You did a great job of wrapping up the harvest season for us in 55 words... intended or not, your double entendre made me grin.


  15. I love this entry... The picture set the tone!!

  16. Now that's creepy - the composted bodies. :)

  17. Lover of the dead
    Hose whipping, and seed spilling.
    Zombies get Boners?

    Excellently morbid 55 Vanessa Kilmer

    You Rock The Underworld..

    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  18. Farmer Brown is a devilish fellow whipping out his hose and composting dead bodies. Great 55. Gets me all excited for Halloween...the dead body composting part that is.

  19. You always have the BEST twist in your stories! Composted bodies!Oh Yeah!

  20. I don't know how you do that - write a story in exactly 55 words. Amazing!

  21. LOL! :)
    Count me in among the people who blinked in surprise at the last line.

    Farmer Brown sounds like a very interesting guy. (!)

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!

    Mine's been posted here since last night, but it's taken me this long to visit and leave comments. Sorry about that.

  22. I am entranced with his hose and the real hose reel. Did you read the words, "Reel Rain?"
    We would suppose the equipment, at least the hose equipment, is rented?
    I envy his green thumb and green tractor. Are you sure there are composted bodies? Bodies of worms perhaps? Surely not animal, the FDA would be out there fast on that.
    Nicholas is growing up really fast. KP is now fourteen months but she doesn't look as mature as Nicholas.

  23. For some reason, I feel dirty after reading this!

  24. Oh, for the wisdom of those men in suits!

  25. anthonynorth: The police are paying attention.

    Noe Noe Girl...A Queen of all Trades.: No telling what you’d get for a snack.

    secret agent woman: The picture does look a bit like an acid dream.

    Titanium: Almost everything I write has double entendre. My mind is always in the potty.

    Together We Save: This little farm and orchard always makes me wonder…

    Shelley Munro: Oo – ee – oo. Does that sound like spooky music?

    G-Man: Zombies are stiff all over. :)

    Monkey Man: I love Halloween. I say we start celebrating now.

    Bloggin'withAmanda: The nutrients work better when the bodies decompose.

    EG Wow: It’s the rules. The G-Man is very strict.

    actonbell: I know. I’m a very bad influence.

    Janna: Be careful. Lots can happen in the blink of an eye.

    Jim: I was going to try something based on "Reel Rain" but it might have been even worse. Farmer Brown knows people ;) ..
    Nicholas is changing fast.

    Mama Zen: But in a good way, right? :)

    SandyCarlson: Suits increase your IQ by 10 points and are as good as a weekend fast.

  26. UGH! JUST when I was thinking this story is too SWEET for Nessa... ROFLMBO! You didn't let me down!