Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday 160 – The Winner

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The bridge freezes before the road surface because the bridge is so competitive that it will even hurt him self if necessary just to be the first at everything.

0 - green butterfly 
Sunday 160 - Tell a story in 160 Characters,


  1. So true I do believe. Well done Nana. Maybe that's better than grannie...but I like grannie LOL :)

  2. I've known bridges like that! Mean cusses, they were!

  3. being first at everything often makes you last at much...nice 160...

  4. Thom: You can call me grannie. But my grandson calls me Oma, which is Austrian for grannie.

    quilly: And very self-important, too.

    Brian Miller: Ah, a bit of wisdom on Sunday from the reverend. ;)

    jingle: Have a wonderful Sunday yourself.

  5. this was nicely done. I know a lot of human bridges unfortunately.

  6. I was just thinking about the phrase to "cut off his knows to spite his face" the other day. Think I could switch to "freeze before the road"? Hmmm... maybe not.

  7. Those competitive bridges....will they never learn. Great 160. Thanks so much for playing.

  8. There's nothing worse than a competitive bridge. Cute 160.

  9. I love your sense of humor and imagination.

  10. You never know what you will learn from these poems, wit, charm, enchantment, sadness, sorrow,joy, or a dash of plain Good Sense paired with wisdom like your lovely S-160,
    May your road always be paved with sunshine and warmth.

  11. hahahah...awesome one, Nessa!
    I hope the foolish bridge isn't the first at breaking and falling !! phheww

    Witty 160!! :)

  12. Great 160. Well done! Love this.

  13. Fay's Too: I am the road. Sounds like a song.

    Caty: We must always be first or we have no value.

    Alice Audrey: It doesn’t have the same sort of ring to it.

    Monkey Man: They has lots of time on their hands (so to speak.)

    PattiKen: Unless it’s a competitive river which will knock the bridge right out of the race.

    Unknown Mami: I am glad someone does. ;)

    Daisy: I’m glad.

    joanny: That way nothing and no one freezes.

    kavisionz: I hope no one is crossing at the time if it happens.

    Eden: Thanks.

  14. I'm wondering if my "knows" instead of "nose" was a Freudian slip.

  15. Very good, Glad I got here!

    a child's play

    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

  16. gautami tripathy: Glad you came to visit.