Monday, September 27, 2010

microfiction Monday - Quilly

Susan’s Picture: pugetsound116
My story:

Did you ever see such a sight in your entire born days?
Calm, quiet, & contemplative...
SHE must be figuring out what to do next to her hero. 
microfiction Monday:
Write a story in 140 characters
using the picture Susan provides as inspiration.




  1. Hey, great one! I also love your Stephen Wright quote! He cracks me up!

  2. If that was a photo of me, I am pretty certain that is exactly what I'd be doing! LOL!

  3. Yours are so much fun to read.

    That woman stares at the water forlornly ever since the captain set her down on that rock. She's wondering how she will ever learn to fish.

  4. Beautiful and tranquil image; I hope your Monday is as well.;)

  5. Is this a photo you took? It is really a well balanced, lovely piece of art. I could definitely see her as a writer contemplating her craft!

  6. LOL...never mind. I just saw this photo on a few other blogs. Forgive's a Monday and I'm entitled to err before I've finished my 1st cup of coffee!

  7. to do to her nice micro...

  8. Doug: When need to begin the week with a laugh.

    BECKY: You know how we writers are.

    quilly: But it sure made me think of you. I can’t actually see who it is although I suspect it might be Melli based on the hat.

    agrigirl: I think she’s not worrying about fishing but plotting her revenge against the captain.

    Zuzana: Pouring down rain this morning but I like that.

    5thsister: All is forgiven. I can’t function without proper caffination myself. I think actually Quilly took this picture.

    Brian Miller: I think I’m getting a reputation…it might be well deserved. ;)

  9. Nothing like a serene setting to prompt evil thoughts.

  10. Whatever she is figuring out, that is the place to do it.

    I linked to you today.

  11. She has a nice tranquil place to sit and think things over.

  12. naughty thoughts in such a serene place? yesss ;)

  13. That does seem like one of the best and most peaceful places to think!

  14. I LOVE that you saw Quilly in that picture! I LOVE that! *nods*

  15. What a great photo. It does look very tranquil and the perfect place to plot murder and mayhem :)

  16. If so, then it's no where near as quiet inside as out.

  17. Well, the photo was taken here in San Juan Island and I was with Susan when she took it, but it isn't me, nor is it Melli. At least, it had better not be Melli. I don't care how peaceful Lime Kiln Park is, if she was there the same time we were and didn't introduce herself, I am ticked!

    (Susan took this pick of a total stranger. Isn't that a scandal?) ;)