Thursday, September 30, 2010

Flash 55 – Appeasing the Gods

Trees whirl and twirl and wheel, dervishes flinging their leaves like multi-colored scarves teasing the worshippers with downcast eyes kneeling at their roots. 

The priests lay the drugged warrior down by the edge of the bog pond, testing his leather bonds. The oldest druid, white beard laced with mistletoe, slits the throat of his sacrifice.   
I want to thank everyone for their comments on my stress post. I ran out of time for replying to comments but I always read your comments and enjoy them so much. 

Write a story in exactly 55 words.


  1. well much for letting the kids play in teh forest anymore...smiles. nice 55...

  2. Brian - lol

    cant we just sacrifice a possem???

    loved the vid - perfect fit

    Happy 55

    and have a gr8 weekend

  3. Very good imagery. Scary, but very good.

  4. love the imagery and the magice of this piece! great 55!

  5. Oh those crazy druids!

    I love these 55 word vignettes.

  6. Great 55 to start October with!
    Love this!

  7. Great use of language throughout the 55 ...and the ending gave me the shivers.

  8. Mystical! And magical! Autumn brings that out somehow. Wonderful 55!

  9. Great writing Nessa!

    Rabbit rabbit. I love October.

  10. Like storms didnt scare me enough before.. great 55

  11. i was thinking of the druid of asterix and obelix before i read the last line....scary 55 nessa..liked the trees dancing..

  12. The musical video kind of reminds me of some "classical" concerts I've been to.

    Great 55. Thus is born another bogman.

  13. you captured well the dancing trees and the sacrifice scene (nutty humans!)

  14. It started out as an ode to autumn and ended like a Greek tragedy.

    Nice tie-in with the Druids... Samhain punch anyone?

  15. OH MY! Is it safe to go into the woods today?

  16. Is that you I saw sailing past on that broom? LOL Very well done my friend :) Have a great weekend :)

  17. Those druids don't mess around, even if they do make a mess! That is one fine 55.

    Hope you have good luck this month!

  18. Wow, very creative. Nice one. You have a great imagination. Hear the wind blow, picture druids making a sacrifice deep in the woods. Sure, that's just what I would have pictured. NOT!

  19. Love the flow of your words, but the sacrifice gave me goosebumps. Poor, poor warrior!

  20. Vivid story as we pull into the Halloween season. Great 55. My 55 is HERE .

  21. Excellent flash fiction! You packed an amazing amount of details into that scene!

  22. "Trees whirl."

    Aren't we all INCREDIBLY impressed ??

  23. Brian Miller: Oh, no, it’s ok. The recession is over so no sacrifices are needed.

    One Stop - The Place For Poets, Writers & Artists: Possem will not do. Roadkill is not good enough.

    actonbellWe have to get ready for the ghouls and boos.

    Jeanie: It is October.

    C.M. Jackson: It think I’ll do ghosties next.

    Mama Zen: Some might say, cold.

    5thsister: They sure know how to party.

    anthonynorth: I can see you there helping matters along.

    estrella05azul: We must be scared repeatedly this month.

    gautami tripathy: Trick or treat.

    dustus: Nice.

    TALON: The spirits must be appeased.

    TLP: Thanks. Me, too.

    Vodka Logic: It’s not the storms, it’s the people, you have to worry about.

    Claudia: The trees were having a dizzying dance on Friday.

    Sue: Very windy.

    Alice Audrey: Between my many wind chimes and the horn of the light rail the music rarely stops.

    juliana: I always thought the practical side of human sacrifice was that there would be fewer mouths to feed. Maybe, not.

    Together We Save: Slaughter is hard work.

    Eric Alder: I always like the idea of mead but it’s way too sweet. A nice ice cold Guinese Stout is perfect as a Samhain brew though.

    EG Wow: You might want to take a gourd lantern with you.

    Thom: I have not dusted my broom of yet. I should do pictures of my 13 items one Thursday this month.

    SandyCarlson: The Earth is very thirsty right now.

    PattiKen: That’s a very polite way of saying I’m nuts, isn’t it? ;)

    Rosidah Abidin: He said he was happy to help out.

    Monkey Man: BOO!

    quilly: I felt a bit on for this one.

    KB: Thanks.

    Jingle: Thank-you.

    Anonymous: Not sure what you were going on about but I didn't care for it.

    karen a.: They do. Haven’t you heard of ents?

    I am incredibly impressed.

  24. Now that you mention it my dear, I'm sure I have! xoxox

  25. Oh my goodness...good poem, with potent imagery, but unnerving, oh yes. Very detailed - and a fine way to usher in October!

  26. You manage to write so much in 55 words. I can't write short like that.