Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday 13 – Tweet Like a Bird

My last thirteen tweets. I will dazzle you with my terse wit.
  1. Have you mastered the art of napping with your eyes open? about 16 hours ago
  2. ...all of you have just entered the Twilight Zone 7:46 PM Jun 16th
  3. Live a little - wear mismatched socks 11:28 AM Jun 16th
  4. completely pithed out 4:52 PM Jun 15th
  5. the world has more cell phones than people and still I can't get a polite "I won't be there" business call - wtf? 10:34 AM Jun 14th
  6. It's the reading hour. 4:39 PM Jun 13th
  7. It's that time in the moon's cycle for revisiting our wishes and desires to clarify them. 9:11 AM Jun 13th
  8. People are brave because they act despite their fear. 4:17 PM Jun 11th
  9. I'm wearing my bouncy flip-flops. 9:02 AM Jun 11th
  10. This day is a neverending story with the nothing consuming all of my energy. 4:14 PM Jun 10th
  11. Do you know the name of your guardian angel? 7:45 PM Jun 9th
  12. Answers - easy; follow through - not so much. 6:51 AM Jun 9th
  13. Words break bones when they incite violence. 6:48 PM Jun 7th
Aren’t I just too clever?




  1. you are twit wit seems to be broken these days...

  2. I guess I am living way too little as I never wear mismatched socks.
    Have a great end of the week,

  3. omgosh - lol. I have a harder time with follow-through than answers too!!!

  4. You are very clever!

    I always assumed my Guardian Angel's name was Angel.

  5. I think this makes you Queen of Twits, they highest honor bestowed upon the greats Twit of Twitter. WOO HOO!!!!!

  6. Very clever indeed. I'm so with you on number 5. Have a wonderful week.