Thursday, June 03, 2010

Three Word Thursday #55

0 - green butterfly
These are the words for this week:

  • fatuity, n. smug stupidity; utter foolishness

  • jeremiad, n. a prolonged lamentation or mournful complaint

  • panjandrum, n. a powerful personage or pretentious official

  • 0 - green butterfly
    I finished my 500 words of the day on one of my on-going novels (not great words – I know you’ve heard this jeremiad before) but one panjandrum after another in the writing world says to just do it even if you produce crap and I have finished my homework and I have done my journal pages so I am allowing myself to participate in this fatuity (just kidding Quilly – I heart you.)
    0 - v


    1. can we get a pronunciation key as well...smiles.

    2. LOL to funny and congrats on finishing. :)

    3. LOL1 I am proud of you for sticking to it! Bring that ball and chain over here.

      On the other hand, my container garden is looking good and my house is almost sparkling, spotless and ready for company. (Okay, that last sentence may still be more wishful thinking than truth, but I am making headway!)

    4. I loved how you used the words for this TWT entry. Congrats for finishing your novel. Have a wonderful weekend :)

    5. Good for you, Nessa! And sorry for the words!

    6. Wow, she gave you some tough words this time. Well done, Nessa.

      It is so good to have you back!!!! I left comments and sent emails and never heard back from you. I thought maybe I did something wrong.

      BTW, I've been posting pictures of bunnies on the first of every month.

    7. Big, beautiful words. Love what you did with them!