Monday, June 07, 2010

Microfiction Monday – Hee, Haw, Ma and Pa

My Story:

Being very reclusive, Bob sometimes lost his grip on reality but he had a rude awakening when mom and dad came for a visit. 
Do you wonder about e-publishing? Do you have some questions you’d like answered? Author, Shelley Munro from Taste of Kiwi passed on this link: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About E-Pubs (But Were Afraid to Ask…) By: Vivi Andrews Very informative.

I have to apologize to everyone for the title of my last post. I read an article on blogging that said you should find out what the popular key words are for searches and put them in your blog titles. All of the top ten Google searches for Saturday were related to the race.
0 - green butterfly

Write a story in 140 characters using the picture she provides as inspiration.
Tomorrow: My story is ready - Tales on Tuesday and Portrait of Words combine into one painful experience.

Tomorrow’s theme:


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  1. LOL. Great MM. Kind of cute awakening, though.

    Have a wonderful week, Nessa :)

  2. I'm guessing Bob is the one staring blearily at the parents staring back at him...ouch, tough Monday awakening!

    Well done!

  3. LOL...Hate it when parents come for visits. LOL
    well done , Nessa.
    Nice to see you back and in full swing.
    I am recovering from a bad sinus attack.
    thanks for reminding us about TT and POW.I do not know if I am well enough to cook one up.

  4. lol...hope he does not make an a$$ of himself...

  5. The dreaded parental visit. What a clever take on the picture!

  6. I left a comment on the "Hungry? iliza shlesinger" post yesterday but the blog host didn't answer my comment.

  7. Thanks for the morning laugh...hilarious!

  8. I hope he cleaned is abode up before mom and pop came. LOL Great story and thanks for the shout out Much appreciated :)

  9. Ah, that's what happens when we lose touch with reality!!! I love it!! Great one for the day, Nessa! Have a lovely week!


  10. Ma and Pa are very handsome, indeed! Enjoyed your story.

  11. Did the title help bring anyone in? Frankly, I didn't think anything of it.

    Ma and Pa are so cute with those big, dark eyes.

  12. I love the donkey photo. :) For some reason I had problems commenting yesterday. I don't know what was wrong.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the article on e-publishing.

  13. there must have been quite an oncethmus ;)

  14. I did the popular title thing three times: Anna Nicole Smith Autopsy Pictures, which reached 4,000 hits before I moved the blog but only a few hundred since. Michel Jackson Autopsy Picture, which embarrasses me to this day and never did well at all, and Table Setting, Various Styles, which is doing great though it's nearly a year old.

    I might do more, but I'm in no rush.

  15. I agree with Brian, hope he doesn't make an ass of himself.

    Very nice!

  16. A visit from mom and dad is a good way to get a dose of reality.

  17. Hi Nessa..i love the photo..adorable! Fun post as always and great link to check out.. yay!

  18. No need to apologise for the Reflections post. The photograph was gorgeous. I rather like the way you play with words on this blog!

  19. LOL! It is easy to forget which family tree we sprouted from until confronted with the fruits.

  20. That is one cute story for the cute picture. :)

  21. What a fantastic take on it -- what a shock it could be!

  22. Dude, these drugs are like far out. Yes I know it's Wednesday but my employer unreasonably expected me to work on Monday and Tuesday so no time free except to sleep and even that down to 5-6 hours! Inspired by Shakespeare this week. My Micro Story