Thursday, June 10, 2010

Three Word Thursday and 13 Reason’s I Should Win Big At The Lottery

This week’s words:

  • curglaff, n. the shock one feels when plunging into cold water

  • auriferous, adj.  gold-bearing; a stone bearing gold

  • haimiah, adj. Warm and comfortable; homey; folksy

    This week's list:

    1. Money doesn’t grow on trees and I am not auriferous.

    2. When I reincarnated, I zigged when I should have zagged and I ended up in the wrong family (monetarily speaking, that is.)

    3. I could be very haimiah if I didn’t have to work for a living.

    4. More people would friend me on Facebook regardless of how much I ignore them.

    5. My twitters, twatters and tweeters would sound super funny.

    6. A personal assistant would be a necessity.

    7. I could sleep late, stay up late and be late from dinner.

    8. I could worry about all of the people out to rob me thus justifying my paranoia.

    9. An illegal alien housekeeper would be within my budget.

    10. My children could kiss up to me for top spot in my will.

    11. I could upset them by leaving everything to the cat.

    12. I could be on the front page of a supermarket tabloid newspaper.

    13. Brad Pitt would want to be my boyfriend.

    Since I didn’t mention world peace or housing for the homeless, I won’t win and my continuing poverty will not be much of a curglaff.
    0 - green butterfly 3WT[3]


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    1. Great list and I enjoyed getting acquainted with new words, although I knew auriferous, I guess being a chemist and all.;)
      Have a lovely Thursday,

    2. what a haimiah post....brad pitt, really? smiles.

    3. It is always fun to hear how people feel about a big lottery win and you made it extra fun with the Three Word Thursday words.

    4. Wow, I had no idea there was a word for the shock you feel when tossed in chilly water. Amazing. Happy TT and good luck with that lottery thing.

    5. Good luck with the Brad thing :)

      Have a great Thursday!

    6. Trust me your twatters already sounds pretty funny.

    7. I once saw a bumper sticker that said: Trees don't grow on money either. I think I get it. Good luck!

    8. I like when you combine these two memes. I love learning new words. :)

    9. i know brad pitt,
      hot with two girls...

    10. Enjoyed reading your list and learning new words :)

    11. Those words are new to me, to be sure. You used them well. I like your 13 reasons.

    12. Very good list. Hubby and I were talking about the lottery this week or should I say, dreaming about it.

    13. You know this is two weeks early, right? Well, at least the 3WT part is. The rest is quite timely and fun.

    14. Here's to some auriferous zagging in your next life. Cheers.

    15. love being exposed to new words!!

    16. LOL. Too funny. I giggled all the way. Witty post.