Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday 20100614

I signed up for Twitterfeed. It tweets my blog posts for me automatically.

Some of you asked about the color of this piece called "Icarus Unbound." It is in black and white. I considered using color and even trying to somehow back light it through glass (as if the sun were shining behind it) then I decided I liked the irony of the contrast and simplicity of black and white in comparison to the blaze of inspiration. 

While trying to figure out how to tweet for Quilly’s contest to win a copy of the Chosen Ones, I found a site that will Shorten Your Links. It takes the 40 or so characters from a blog post address and shrinks them to less than ten characters.

I receive a copy of The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor each day in my email. It features a poem a day and bits of history. 

I went to the Wizard World Comic Con 2010 in Philadelphia on Saturday with my daughter, my son-in-law, his brother and his girl friend , their brother-in-law and my grandson (did you get all of that?) I took many photos. I’ll be posting some over the next couple of weeks. I always wanted to see a Comic Convention and I am glad I did but I don’t need to go again. The autograph and photograph racket for the “stars” is amazing.
Nicholas multi-tasking at the Comic Con – trying to grab mommy’s earrings while learning how to stick his tongue out at daddy.

I saw the BP coffee spill YouTube video at Short Attention Span Theatre. Very funny.

Still doing three handwritten journal pages each morning. Up to page 50 in the Happenstance edit. And writing 500 words (before doing any blogging) each day.
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  1. Ha! That's a great pic of your grandson "multi-tasking" and congrats on editing your Nano novel and writing - I've completely lost my spark.

  2. I'm still not signed up for Twitter - but the urge grows every day! I know it's just a matter of time before I succumb!

    Love the black and white image and the pic of the grandson 'multi-tasking'.

    Three handwritten journal pages - are you doing Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way", Nessa?

  3. Thanks for more about that wonderful piece.

  4. I feed my blog to Twitter and Facebook too. It's a very useful invention because I don't always have time to check them out.

    I haven't attended a Comic Con yet. Maybe one day...

  5. You are a busy, busy lady. Interesting to read about all of your activity. Very cute picture of looks like he is getting the tongue thing.

  6. nice. you sure are staying going to comicons! i am a total geek. smiles.

  7. I gave in to facebook, but only to keep up with family. No twitter for me.

  8. Comic Con looks like a Pentacostal assembly.

  9. Thanks for more info about your artwork. Nicholas' photos always shine through my display :). I love it, when toddler's do multitasking. LOL Have a wonderful day.

  10. A back light would have been pretty cool. When I first looked at it I just assumed it was always supposed to be in B&W, then started thinking maybe not.

    Hey thanks for the Twitterfeed link.

  11. I sending for my own The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor e-mailing. Thank you. We listen to Garrison on Sunday afternoons when we are in the car. He comes on our Public Radio station.

    You Comic Convention sounded good. My granddaughter, BP< (age 12 then) went with her dad to the Teen Book Con in Houston this spring.
    BP has a DeviantART blog where she posts the avatars she draws and the poetry she writes.
    She also has FaceBook as does Mrs. Jim. None of us Tweet!