Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tales on Tuesday Slam Into Portrait of Words

20100608 01

Ms. Bunny Witchcraft, makeup in place, suit on and hair styled to perfection, flew to the closing of her dream house.  She took advantage of the current housing market to purchase more real estate than one person needed but this was an investment for her future.
20100608 04
The previous owners used a professional landscaper to create the perfect front lawn. The stunted and knarled trees hugged the stone walls of her new abode like zombies reaching from their graves to grab at ankles. She considered adding some skylights to enhance the view of the lightening that flashed repeatedly across the heavens. She couldn’t ask for a better climate in which to live.
20100608 06
Once she staked her new mailbox out front, she moved all of her belongings in and placed them in the appropriate rooms: iron cauldron and athame in the kitchen, eye of newt and snake legs in the pantry, the rack and judas cradle in the family room, blood and guts in the powder room, coffin in her bedroom. She enjoyed decorating with her fine possessions. Once the gilded cage hung from the cathedral ceilings, she moved her pet in.
20100608 05Robin warbled his pleasure and appreciation of his new home deep in his throat. He especially enjoyed the wall treatments.

Bunny Witchcraft lived a happy and satisfying life with Robin until the day her mother came for a visit.
20100608 03
The first thing Mrs. Witchcraft wanted to know was when Bunny intended to marry. After all, a girl’s life was not complete until she had a husband in her home. If Bunny didn’t have a fella in mind, Mrs. Witchcraft could fix her up with a number of eligible bachelors. Any man would jump at the chance to be connected to the Witchcraft family. The lawyer, Pettifogger Ambulancechaser, saw Bunny’s image in a crystal ball and wanted a date. Raring to go Indian chief, Geronimo, picked out baby names when Mrs. Witchcraft gave him Bunny’s smoke signal.

Bunny tried to remain calm and patient with her mother, who really only wanted a litter of grandchildren she could dote on in her sunset years. But Bunny, still in her early twenties, just wanted to sow her wild oats. Well, at least until mom brought around the man who tucked mommy’s tummy and lifted mommy’s hag face. Yes, Bunny could get used to being Mrs. Dr. Who-Done-It.
20100608 02
0 - green butterfly
Pictures courtesy of Thom so don’t get mad at me.

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  1. Oh my, this definitely woke me up today. Your words paint a vivid picture but the images here are really deliciously frightening.;)

  2. OMG your description of the house that Bunny bought was just perfect. Even down to the mailbox. LOL And Pettifogger Ambulancechaser is a name I will never forget. Leave it to old mom Witchcraft to find the perfect mate for a woman that just loves being a Doctors wife. LOL Well done. *belts back a double woo woo. Thanks so much for playing. :) Have a great Tuesday :)

  3. may they live happily ever after...though i wil never sleep again...lol.

  4. Ooh. I probably shouldn't have looked at this so early in the morning.

  5. Verry funny ending, but it's driving me a little nuts that these particular photos are following me around the web this morning.

  6. It sounds like a match made in heaven, or may a little lower down.
    Great imagery.

  7. The sequel to your nice story is that this Dr. used Ms. Bunny's resources to pay off his student loans. Then he divorced Ms. Bunny who by this time had too clip her ears and trade them to a mad perverted purveyor for food.

    I know her well. She is one of many.
    Poor misled soul. Marrying a young doctor is Hell!

  8. Another bit of humor with these ghastly pics. You guys are good!

  9. The lawyer, Pettifogger Ambulancechaser, I laughed out loud at this line. Nicely done Nessa.

  10. ah....life before marriage...
    I love the story...and the ending was great...
    lovely to read you again, Nessa.

  11. Dr. Who-done-it, great stuff!

    These were excellent photos for a Dr. Who adventure, and I enjoyed your story, but ... YUCK!! (More rainbows and unicorns please next time, Thom!)

    Hopefully my life will be normalizing soon, I finally managed to do a POW again, so hope to join the Tales soon too. (It took six months to get started at POW last year... *sigh*)

  12. Ugh, scary photos. It's good that you put some great humor in it or I couldn't bare it at all. Have a wonderful day.