Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Triple D Revenge

At fifteen, I got my first official paycheck-paying job. I cashiered at an auto parts store. I thought this was the best possible job in the whole world. Boys liked cars and they needed auto parts to keep those cars running. Boys, cars, cars, boys, what could be better?

I envisioned meeting all of the hottest boys in town. I saw allot of them, but boys my age didn’t catch up to me until I turned thirty-seven. On the other hand, men ten or more years older than me, buzzed around like bees around a flower. Some had odd ways of exhibiting their attentions.

One such older man (relatively speaking, of course) worked with me. He ran the parts counter in the back of the store. During every free moment he had, he took the opportunity to pick on me. Six foot three, hulky, with brown curly hair and thick dark-rimmed glasses, he acted like a five year old, instead of twenty-five. He verbally pulled my hair every chance he got.

I put up with it for a while because I didn’t know any better. Then, I told him to stop picking on me. I let him know quite clearly that I had had enough and he needed to stop or he’d regret it. I have never understood people who don’t listen to me when I tell them what I want.

One day, I attached a very large cupped bra to the back bumper of his car. He never came back to work.


  1. OMG! You did what? Snaps for you girl!

    He really didn't come back to work? Really? With no word to the boss or anything?

    Seriously, he probably pulled your pigtail cos he liked you. Juvenile and ineffective, I know, but what can you say?

    PS: The, ahem, large-cupped object, was it yours?

  2. Jenn: He never came back, never said a word to anyone. I still feel guilty after all these years, even though it was an excellant "Gotcha'" I had no idea at that age that anyone would like me. If I did, I might have been kinder. Although my chest is nothing to sneeze at, the parachute sized bra was not mine.

    dlh & ceccg: It is pretty funny, isn't it. I still giggle over my audacity.

  3. LOL that's funny!!