Sunday, April 09, 2006

I Made One, Too.

( I'm very depressed. Why won't mine show? These comments no longer apply. My hissy fit is over.)

Thanks to jege at lein girlz 3 you can see my spectacular cartoon.

Want to make your own? Go to Strip Generator

I suppose now I will have to learn friggin' code.


  1. Help is on the way! I am emailing you your comic, so that you can place it in your blog just like a regular image.

  2. jege: Thanks that made it better. Now I will need to study why one worked and one didn't. Crap I hate having to use my brain on the weekend.

    Thanks, kari.

  3. This is an AWESOME comic, by the way. Say, do you think it means something that yours, Kari's & my comic all had violent themes and weapons?

  4. Thanks.

    You know, I noticed that. Are we repressed? I have violent fantasies while driving. Like in the cartoon, I think where they are racing around the world, with the car that spits tacks out back and has spikes that come out of the tires.

  5. Pretty flower! Pretty flower! For a moment there I thought you were calling me :-)

  6. jay: of course I was talking about you. Where else would anyone's attention be when you're in the room.