Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Meeting New People

I did four interviews today. I hate interviewing people. I never know what to ask. And people are so nervous. And stupid me, I get nervous because I want them to like me.

Yeah, that makes sense. I'm trying to hire someone and I'm worried if they'll like me. Please, please, come to work for us. I'm a nice guy, really I am.

What do you consider you greatest accomplishment to date? Still getting out of bed each morning after 47 years. I never thought I'd make it this long.

What do you consider your greatest disappointment to date? That I didn't have more confidence to stick with my art education and took the way of least resistance, instead. My favorite pasttime was cutting off my nose to spite my face.

I've got four more interviews tomorrow and two on Friday. I consider these three days my final penitential act for Lent, culminating in my final sacrifice on Good Friday. (That thunder bolt will get me one of these days. That last shot was fairly close.)

Pray for my soul. And that ice cubes are available in hell.


  1. I dunno about cutting off your nose to spite your face. I don't think you ever gave up your art (even when you think you did). I mean you do so many creative projects at the same time (writing, painting, quilting...) And remember, Grandma Moses started when she was over 60 (or was it over 70).

    I think it's neat that you actually care what your interviewees think of you. Makes you more human than the majority of interviewers.

  2. i totally undersyand i get nervous around people regardless of wether they are trying to impress me or the other way around blegh

  3. Thanks, Jenn, as always you are so sweet.

    dlh - I hate meeting new people. I'm very shy really. People think I'm antisocial, well I am, but becuase I'm shy.

  4. Ice cubes not available. Fellow bloggers, yes. See you there.

  5. I'm shy, too. AND I'm antisocial.

    Whenever I've been asked: "SO, would you call yourself a self-starter/people person/leader/innovator?" I have ALWAYS wanted to say: "Nope. I like to stick with what I know, no matter how wrong or inefficent it may be".

    Someday I will have the balls to do it (figuratively speaking, of course).

  6. P.S. When I was around 5 or 6, my dad asked me what I was going to give up for lent. My answer? "Lent. I'm giving up lent".

  7. You know, I would have never figured you for a shy person. See how social you are in blogland? A lot more social than me, or most people I know.

    I am not shy in the real world, because I was a journalist, and thus, not allowed to be. I had to be in your face (even if I kept falling on my own, over and over and over again)

  8. Hi thanks for dropping by my blog and for the get well wishes :)