Saturday, April 01, 2006

Mine, Mine, Mine

It's all mine. We survived through the closing. It was touch and go there from Thursday to Friday (Thursday my lawyer tells me I should bring an extra two grand - yeah, let me just pull it right out my ass.) I was crying hysterically (for me) all night. This is when my husband is at his best. He hates it when I cry (I don't do it often.) He rationalized me right to sleep (he kept making G & T's, too.) When it came down to it, we didn't need the extra money. I had planned on enough.

Closing was at 2pm. At 2:15pm I was all better. I knew how that would be, but even so I couldn't control the pre-stress.

Today, we have to try to get the old owners out (they are friends who are a little lazy, so this is our next challenge.) They were not done packing by yesterday and she's been off from work for 2 weeks.

Our cable will be switched some time today and then I have to try to remember how everything is reconnected, not to mention finding the cables to begin with. I do have my own space for my laptop though. No more TV tray desk.

The weather's fine and it's all mine ; )

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  1. hurrah!

    congratulations! ^^

    hope you enjoy it as much as you think you will :D