Thursday, April 06, 2006

Analyze This

I meant to post an entry about Dreams when the topic was introduced by Dear Lovely Heart but I was busy. So, I’ll do it now.

If I were independently wealthy, I’d sleep my life away because my dreams are so vivid and interesting. I think my dream life is why I can’t get a good night’s sleep. I wake up more exhausted from my nighttime travels than when I hit the pillow in the first place.

Here’s a sample I wrote down in my journal:

I bought two small appliances in a Portuguese grocery store, one a waffle iron and one a Forman Hamburger Grill. I paid US dollars and the man converted the money to Portuguese money.

I originally went in the store for vegetables, particularly, celery root. The Forman Grill cost $10.00. The salesman went upstairs to get the manual. I followed and there were naked men skulking around upstairs. I ran back downstairs. I passed through my house and office.

I had several porn videos I kept trying to watch and couldn’t get the privacy to view. I would turn them on then have to turn them off again when someone knocked on the door.

I helped a truck driver sort his receipts, looking in particular at a fuel receipt.

I helped close windows and blinds in a big hall at work.

Cody got out of the house when the pizza deliveryman came. He had a dog on a leash and Cody walked out when I opened the door to pay. I got him back in through the back door in my office at work.

When I left the Portuguese grocery with my arms full of appliances, I met my daughter outside and we walked home through fields and woods. Along the way we came across dead, decomposing bodies. Three separate bodies, each torn apart, decomposing and face down. The third body was of a pilot. My daughter turned them over and wanted to investigate. I said we’d call the police and we ran away home, away from the bodies. There were two fox roaming the fields we were walking through.

Analyze that.


  1. Let's have a stab at this - the first, you go to buy vegetables (healthy, healthy, healthy) then you end up buying a waffle iron and a hamburger grill? So you start out with good intentions and end up being lured into the opposite.

    Trying to catch a few moments alone to watch porn? Dunno, but sex and creativity are linked no? Maybe when you dream about sex, it's about something else.

    The dead bodies? Something you have buried in your past...your daughter wants to get to the bottom of it, you want to run away?


  2. I am the child of psychotherapists, and therefore hold no stock in dream analysis (sort of like when hippies give birth to republicans, I guess. Call it rebellion. Oh, and I am soooo not a republican; that was just an analogy).

    Instead, I like to think of the brain as a ginat hopper for sensory experiences....even though you may not consciously acknowledge a sight, smell, or sound, it nevertheless has been SENSED by you, and leaves a tiny biochemical imprint on your brain, and it just stays there, hanging out and bouncing around until your conscious self packs it in, and you fall asleep.

    Then, once your system of personal and cultural checks & balances is snoozing, your brain is free to reflect upon the bits & pieces, cooking up a smorgasbord of electrical impulses without restraint.

    I'm such a romantic.

  3. Sherry - I remember my dreams when I wake up at the right time and if I make a note right then. otherwise, they are quite fleeting.

    Jenn - I think you may have hit on some major themes for me. My husband will be away this weekend, so I plan on doing looks of Sedona reading in peace and quiet.

    jege - You silly girl, you. What a trip to be the daughter of two psychotherapists. You must be really fucked up.

  4. You're not just whistling dixie!!! (what the fuck does that mean, anyway? Have you ever actually heard anyone whistling dixie?)