Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Things Weren't All Bad

I’m not a groupie sort of person. I never was. I felt out of place in the Brownies. Team sports usually left me bored. Group dynamics annoy me in their inefficiencies. All of that time wasted trying to please everyone. So, it was very uncharacteristic of me to join the art club in high school in my senior year.

My art teachers talked me into it, one with a smooth carrot topped bob, about 5 foot nothing and a ball of fire, the other big and roly-poly, with a huge interest in her students. It was a new club and they thought I had talent, so they encouraged me to join. So, I joined. And it was great. Other artistic souls working on projects together.

We had a contest to design a logo for the group. My design won. A stylized rose bud that worked well in color or black and white.

All of the display cabinets in the school needed to be decorated. I was chosen along with an incredibly free-living type to do the display in the front entrance. (He didn’t where underwear.) We created a mini winter wonderland in that glassed in world: wisps and webs of gossamer ice and snow. It received raves.

My teachers awarded me the school’s annual art award, which I received in surprised and stunned ecstasy at graduation. This one semester, this one aspect of my high school career lives on as a heady experience.


  1. That's awesome! Did you get any pictures of it? YOu'll have to show us sometime if you do!

  2. Thanks, jamie. I tried to write something "nice" after my last contraversial post.

    That was sooooo long ago. I don't know if I have any of that stuff left (I do have the award.) But dumb me, once when I lived with this guy and we broke up, I threw out my entire portfolio. I know, I'm an ass. So, I don't know what I have left and from when. I'm cleaning stuff out from my parents attic, now. Maybe I'll come across something.

  3. You clever talented thing you! Hmm I wonder if I've still got my old artwork from school. Then again, I didn't win any awards :-p

  4. You should have, Jay. You are very talented.

  5. Wisps and webs of gossamer ice and snow...

    Simply beautiful!