Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The sky arches over me in a perfect shade of cornflower blue, smooth and clean. A breeze caresses my cheeks, blowing wisps of hair across my eyes and in the lip balm coating my mouth. Pink and white dogwoods, crabapple blossoms and lilac bunches dance on their branches, waving to me as I pass them on my noontime stroll. Daffodils and crocus peek through brown licorice mulch newly spread on neat springtime flowerbeds.

I inhale and exhale in a steady rhythm, matching my stride. Thoughts pass through my mind on their way to oblivion, spending as much time in my consciousness as the cars whizzing by on the street. Time expands in a wide-open gesture of joy and peacefulness, then contracts into exquisite detail. Petals twiddle at me, heads nod, leaves bow me on by.

Birds zoom in front of me, heralds on my path. Finch dart over my head, performing their giddy acrobatics, expressing the renewed blood coursing through their veins. Robins poke their beaks into the warm top layer of soil, enjoying the rewards of surviving another winter. A chorus reaches out to me from bushes and trees, the varied voices making a perfect song for the day.

Tilting my face to the sun, I relax, accepting peace for this brief thirty minute outing, thanking God for this gift.


  1. Beautiful post. You make me feel so deprived. We don't have spring. And right now we're going through a bout of La Nina, as if the heavens have caught a cold.

    Drippy nose weather.

  2. :) This is a very lovely post!!!

    And I don't mean to take away from it at all, but I just HAD to comment and THANK YOU for posting the link to Kevin Smith's story about Jason Mewes. I have his blogged linked from my page for a while now, but I have to admit I never read it often, and most of the time just glanced at it... Don't know why! I missed out! But I'm glad I read that story. It was sooo good, so moving, and I'm totally in love with Jason. <3<3<3 OMG! I have such a crush on him... and not like a celebrity crush, like I have on Orlando Bloom or Johnny Depp, but like a real-person crush!!!

  3. ...and a poet is born!

    that was so pretty vanessa. enjoy the lovely weather.

  4. dear: Spring is my favorite season.

    Jenn: Thanks. It's dripping here today.

    Jadzia: Thanks. And that story was great. Very fascinating.

    pink: Thanks to you, too. A beautiful spring day feels like poetry.

  5. Wow, that was well written, I almost felt like I was there! Very nice!


  6. se7en: Thanks. And thank-you for stopping by and commenting.