Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday 13 - Ways to Control Your Dreams

I wake up exhausted every morning because I have the most vivid, exciting, fantastic dreams. I’ve been like this since forever. I love them and I can’t wait to get back to bed each night so I can have me some more, but I would like to get some rest on occasion. Here are thirteen things I’ve tried to calm my dream life. None of them have worked.

Prayers – I pray all of the time and I’m not shy about asking for things I want. Apparently, God derives as much enjoyment from my dream-life as I do. I even get angels joining in.

Guided dreaming – Before you go to sleep, you tell yourself what you are or are not going to dream about. This has worked for some nightmares, but overall it’s not a success.

Dream catcher – You know, the American Indian thing Jacob gave Bella – it didn’t work for me either, but they are pretty.

Bowl of salt water – A Rabbi told me about this over 25 years ago. I last used it 25 years ago.

Sleeping pills – Only if I want monsters with teeth as long as swords. I imagine this must be like what it feels like to drop acid.

Exercise – This tires my body out but doesn’t calm my mind.

Diet – This affects the kind of dreams I might have but hasn’t blocked any.

Journaling – I get everything out in my journal every day and still they come.

Mediation – This calms me and clears my mind so I can some new kind of dreams.

Dream interpretation – Been there, done that and Freud can do something special with his cigar.

White noise – Those wonderful machines that play ocean sounds make me dream of the beach.

New Age remedies – Let’s see – there’s crystals, herbs, incense, candles, spells, pyramids, past life regressions, tarot, etc., etc. Fun stuff. No workie.

Therapy – Some shrink actually told me once that my problem is I like dreaming too much. Quack.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. i have not remembered a dream in so long...wish i had you have any ways i could get some?

  2. Unfortunately, I personally hate 90% of my dreams which are nonsense or nightmares... especially nightmares. So I totally get wanting to get some rest at least on occasion.
    Love your list though, made me smile and even laugh aloud reading some of the points :)

    One question: do you get those dreams where you can instantly tell what they mean?
    It happens on like 0,0001% of the occasions, but usually on those times my gut feeling tells me exactly what they mean.
    (and oh yeah, I agree with your assessment on Freud :P)

  3. How dare that quack say you like it too much!

  4. I love dreaming as well. Dream catchers haven't worked for me. *SIGH*
    But I do pray so that nightmares will stay away and it always works.

    Thank you for following my blog!!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  5. I love and adore all of my dreams...nightmares included. I am of the personal belief that God speaks to us through our dreams. At times, when I am experiencing a particularly lucid dream, I have fun guiding my own way...but mostly I allow the dream to play out. People say I have the strangest dreams. I tell them no, I just happen to be able to remember them.

  6. Just dropping by to share the linky love. Happy T13!

  7. I don't often remember dreams, but lately I have had a few that definitely relate to a situation at work that I wish would just confine itself to waking hours. At least I now know what won't work to keep them away.

  8. Dreams are there for a reason, signalling issues that are figural for you. Why fight it. Good, bad, crazy - I love that I have vivid dreams.

  9. I have very vivid dreams too (and very disjointed), but I rarely remember them.

    Happy T13!

  10. Hi Nessa..super interesting post..I have always had a super active (and sometimes overactive) dream life!I can relate!
    Wishing you a lovely wkd! and sweet dreams!

  11. I can relate in that I have an opposite issue with nightmares and they keep me and unable to go to sleep...I've tried many of these things too..reading this list made me laugh I am in therapy for my PTSD and he is trying to help me with the dreams and sleep issues. I would love to have wonderful vivid dreams like this...and sometimes I do...sweet dreams my friend. XX

  12. Oh you poor girl. I rarely remember my dreams. Maybe that's a good thing.

    Happy T13! and....Sweet dreams

  13. I have vivid dreams too, but they do not disturb my sleep. I recall a family tale, where a bed in a cottage that was owned by my mom's dad would be the bed of dreams and nightmares. Even people that never dreamed nor believed in anything mysterious woke up with vivid images of incredible dreams. The cottage is long gone now and the mystery of the bed was never solved.
    Have you ever tried to move your bed? At times the bed might be position in a way that it effects the way we sleep.;))
    I hope you will soon find a solution to your dream dilemma.;)

  14. I have the most fantastical and ridiculous dreams. They get really scary sometimes -- usually when I am not getting enough oxygen.

    Can you get a sleep study done? Exhausting dreams are one of the side-effects of sleep apnea.

  15. My son is able to do lucid dreaming, controlling his dreams to a degree. I have never been able to. I don't have very vivid dreams any more. It seems like I'm very much out of touch with everything lately.
    If I want to go screaming bonkers, I will take sleeping pills. Like antidepressants, they literally make me psychotic sometimes. And dipenhydramine (benadryl) gets me in a real pissed off mood faster than anything!

  16. The best thing I have read on controlled dreaming is the physicist Feynman's account of how he learned to do it. Perhaps you could control your responses within dreams in a way that would be calming.
    Or maybe you should just embrace your wild imagination.