Tuesday, January 18, 2011

One Single Impression - Carnival

the blunderbuss exploded
into the fresh Spring              
day followed by cannons
church bells announcing
the joy and exuberance of the season
while costumed revelers paraded
through town singing hymns
ditties loud lavish lusty
steins overflowing with ale
running down chins pinking 
cheeks flushed full of rosy red apples
laughter kisses hugs
good cheer ringing in
anticipate of all possibilities

Write a poem on this week’s theme.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. i want to sing loud lusty songs at church....

  2. Oh to be one of the revelers! Thanks for making me smile and dance (if only in my mind) this morning. What a great read to start the day!

  3. This just bubbles with energy, colour and life ... wonderful!

  4. Exuberance just flows out of this poem! Makes me want to dance, too!

  5. This poem is so lovely, and it brought a huge smile to my face, when I really needed it. Thank you, Nessa!

  6. Blunderbuss is a wonderful word, and a hard act to follow in and of itself, but you definitely pulled it off! Wonderful momentum in this piece.

  7. haha fun Brian!

    I do love it... so sweet

  8. "anticipate of all possibilities"
    Love that line.;))
    Hope your day is great,

  9. Somehow this post got me into a very uplifting mood. Lovely!

  10. Very nice Spring carnival, Nessa. :) I was there, watching it all.
    Your OSI is global today, mine gets personal.
    Your header today, Arnold Glasow--did you know that in his time people were just beyond the belief that people could self destruct by spontaneous combustion?
    Now, his time, it had become humerous.

  11. share 1 to 3 poems to Jingle Poetry potluck today.

    we will place your link in our blog roll...