Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One Shot Wednesday - I'm Tired

I wake up exhausted, the residuals
of the adventure lingering around in
my mind as I try to shake myself
into consciousness, my eyelids
rising like a flag moving up the mast
beyond the half way mark to hang
limp throughout the windless day
no energy, no spark, no caffeine
enough to energize me into mundane
tasks, boring to do’s, the same old
same old people in tan and beige
hours that tick by like minutes as
slow as a watched clock or a
watched kettle boiling away until
the sun begins to set on another
boring ten foot rut that leads in
a straight line from this side of
the bed rolling in and out, out and onto
crisp cold pillows cradling my tired head
filled with a 3D screen and screams
in surround sound, kisses light as
the sighs of a baby rock-a-bye
and good night, sleep to dream

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Merry Meet and blessed Be


  1. i loved that...the read and flow was great...but so tired...i hope not...not of one stop anyway...great share nessa...cheers pete

  2. yep - i know this kind of tiredness - great write nessa

  3. Beautiful, breathtaking piece. I hope you sleep tight :)

  4. You have a very wonderful way of expressing things. I like this poem a lot. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This was lovely to read.

  6. Lovely. I know the pain of being so tired you can't stand it! I wish you sweet dreams. :)

  7. Great writing....all the facets of tired with a great flow.

  8. I'm not surprised if you get up at 5am. Have a sleep in sweetie.

  9. Wonderful description of many a Monday. Good one, Nessa.

  10. Aarrgghh... I hear ya, Ness!!!
    Been there, felt that!!
    "same old people in tan and beige" - this one struck me as one of the most best lines I have ever read!!! :)
    A great one shot, girl...

  11. A summary of an average day.;) And no one can do it in such a unique way as you can.;)) I think I can relate to many lines within this piece.;)

  12. This poem had a great tempo and rhythm to it,,, you pull the reader into the half wake half dream state of the poem. A good read, cleverly written.

    nice one shot


  13. Wow, awesome.
    This pretty much the feeling i get sometimes.
    Kettles do boil painfully slow first thing in the morning when you desperately need a coffee. lol

  14. I think your poem reads gracefully and definitely contrives the mood. Hmmm, didn't want that mood just now so will have to go out in the sunshine and read a blog about the Happiness Project. ;-)

  15. So well done, Nessa! Days when it's almost a sleepwalk from one thing to the other and just a brief respite before starting it all over again. You captured that numbness brilliantly.

  16. I sure hope that's a short term thing, cause it sounds a lot like depression.