Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday 13 – Randomly Speaking

First, an apologetic explanation: Your comments, which I really, really love, are set up to go to my email where I read them. Then, I use them as a way to go read your blogs in return before I get to other blogs in my Reader. This system usually works well for me except when Blogger doesn’t send the comments to my email. 

So, I am sorry if you’ve commented since I’ve been back and I have not reciprocated. Now, you know why. But never fear, I have a plan to never miss any again.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Thirteen random thoughts I had on Wednesday:

  1. My toes are sore from my new sneakers. They are those shoes that slant back at the heel so I think my toes are annoyed at pointing straight up.
  2. I lost the screw out of my reading glasses so I fixed them with a paper clip. I am the MacGyver of eyeglasses.
  3. Heartstone: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery, book 5 in the series by C.J. Sansom is available for pre-order to my Kindle. I did. Woo, hoo for instant gratification.
  4. I feel like a real cretin for drinking instant coffee but I was out of the grinds and I have to have coffee in the morning.
  5. I am all impressed with myself because I have been following my writing plan for 3 days in a row.
  6. I really miss Diet Coke but I think not consuming Aspartame has improved my dysnomia.
  7. I really like my new water bottles. Both are a pretty green and no spills on my computers. I have one for work and one for home.Contigo AUTOSEAL Water Bottle, 24-Ounce
  8. I am writing a story by 100 words a day (Century Scenes) at my website. Feel free to critique if you are bored one night.
  9. I sure do start my sentences with “I” a lot. I must be self-absorbed.
  10. I want to find a pub in my area where I can go and write and drink like real writers do. My husband said he’d be embarrassed if I did this in “his” bar.
  11. I haven’t chewed on my cuticles for two weeks now. I was going to stop doing this on January 1st but I got sick and I have to willpower or self-control when I don’t feel well.
  12. I have two very favorite times each week day – when I get to leave work and when I get to go to bed. I sure do love to sleep.
  13. It has been stressed to me that I am not cool. I’m cool with that.

Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. I loved these, and I loved ... 'I am the MacGyver of eyeglasses' LOL :o)

  2. Love all 13! I used to bit my cuticles too, nasty habit.;) And I agree with you on leaving work and going to bed.;))
    Hehe about the instant coffee, many people still consider that the real deal;))
    have a great day.;)

  3. oh but you are cool i think i might go back to bed...smiles

  4. You're the MacGyver of eyeglasses?
    We could use your help around my house. Grin, let me know when you can come over.

  5. I love the instant gratification factor of my Kindle.
    "Cool" is in the eye of the beholder (or reader).
    It is amazing to me how long that word has stayed around.

  6. The Kindle is killing my bank account! :)

  7. Congrats on the making the writing goals! And I can't wait for my own Kindle instant gratification moment. My birthday needs to hurry up and get here. :)

    Happy TT,

    13 Comforts

  8. You are a better and smarter person than me. I'm actually shite about returning comments. Which may be why I don't get any. Or, it could be that people are intimidated by the scary crazy person.

  9. I drink instant coffee most days. I just want one cup- not worth the coffee pot effort, and the french press is just a mess. (I rhyme!!)

    You and me: We B Cretins.

  10. I'm laughing at the "MacGyver of eyeglasses". Paper clips are very undervalued - I used one to fix my broken zip on my old dog-walking coat - lol!

  11. All so true and funny...except for your toes hurting!! I'll drink instant coffee if that's all there is, or I'm too lazy to make a pot! We're kindred spirits, Nessa!

  12. I like that water bottle.

    Have a great Thursday!

  13. I think you're totally cool.

    I do the same thing with comments, only I skip the email part.

  14. Love your list!
    I never heard of dysnoia before. Is there an actual correlation between it and aspartame?

  15. Do you like those new sneakers (minus the whole toe pain thing), I tried some on once and I felt like I might fall backwards.

    Yay for following the writing plan!

    I would love to have a nice nap right now.

  16. I adore bedtime. Used to hate it, since I struggled with insomnia from childhood well into my adulthood, but now that I have that whipped it's happy time!

  17. Tell Miss Mommy to Google aspartame and get the bejeebers scared out of her. I do not drink it anymore!

    You are not on my "uncool" list. I double checked.