Wednesday, January 19, 2011

One Shot Wednesday - morning

here i am
drinking instant coffee
watching DVR’d late night shows
that i am too old to see
at their regularly
scheduled times
writing what might pass
as a poem
a flash of the moment
filled with the day’s
to do list
wishing for less
entries of milk, bread,
dishes, laundry,
air in the tires
waiting out the minutes
that tick off the tableau
of my morning

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Merry Meet and Blessed Be


  1. Your day sounds just like mine except that I don't drink instant coffee. Ha.

  2. so go get it done so you can have fun...smiles.

  3. You lost me on instant coffee -- I am still shuddering.

  4. I love instant coffee. Someone bought me a coffee pot once to get me to stop with the instant. I made a pot and then found myself standing there with a cup of microwaved water still looking for my instant. LOL! Wonderful poem!

  5. One stop and on the spot! What a cool idea.

  6. Really love the use of words. That would be my kind of day, except for the coffee. I'm more into tea. Funny... I'm beginning to miss my daily chores that sometimes seem so boring. Can't do much these days. Have a great day, Nessa :)

  7. I would be lost with our my DVR. I love zipping past the commercials too much :)

  8. It sounds like a really nice morning to me. I love the mornings when I don't have to go to work and have time to make and contemplate a list of things to do for the day (I'm so old, I always have to have a list :)

  9. This sounds like my my coffee and my mornings when I am not in a hurry to run out the door...contemplating what I will do with my day or how long I can avoid the tasks at hand.

  10. I need air in my tires too.

    Laundry to do oh yes!
    It passed VERY well as a poem, Nessa!!


  11. Nice slice of life. Not one of my typical mornings, but one close enough for me to feel it.

  12. Loved your poem--the words flowed together seamlessly. My only other comment would have to be "instant coffee?"...yuck! LOL Have a great week.